5 Pricing Examples for Your Business

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There are some ways to calculate the selling price, as Guilherme said in yesterday's post. These types of pricing are:

  • By cost - Fixed and variable costs are evaluated, with a profit margin
  • By variable - a benefit is identified that the product / service offers to the customer and transforms it into a variable, then charging according to that variable.
  • Collaborative - it counts on the collaboration of the customers to define the price
  • By Value - the price is determined based on the value generated for the customer. In general they are differentiated products / services.
  • Dynamics - The price is determined according to demand and stock.

Among those forms that we have identified, one that is very interesting is variable pricing. In it, the company identifies a benefit that your product / service offers to the customer, sees the result that this generates for the customer and turns into variable.

Let's see 5 cool examples of companies that have adopted this kind of pricing?

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Dropbox has identified that more and more storage capacity is important to people. Therefore, it uses the byte variable to price its storage plans.


Kilo Fascion is an Italian company that found a different way of selling fashion, since it prices its clothes by kilo.

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Michelin is known worldwide for the sale of tires but has begun to rethink its way of doing business and decided not to charge more for tires, but for miles. The company saw in the kilometer variable an advantage, because when making tires that last longer, the higher the mileage and the higher the price paid by the customers. Customers already win because they do not have to buy tires at all times.

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Google is a company that uses variable pricing well. In the services it offers, like Google Adwords, it uses the varying clicks to set the price that the customer will pay.

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Priorité is Communication is a communication advisor who realized that the benefit that his services generated was greater exposure of the client to the media. Soon, it began to charge for number of appearances in the media instead of a monthly payment without guaranteed results, as usually is done in the market.

Did you like this kind of pricing? Tell us!

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  1. I liked the article and I think that the unification of the variable pricing with the value comes at a fair price for both parties involved in the negotiation process, that is, the service provider and the customer.

  2. Georges, of course! The CNV workshops (nonviolent communication) in Rio taught by Dominic Barter have a very interesting method where you invest as much as you want and the money is still divided by the workshop team in front of everyone. We also have the Gaia Education course that leaves you free to invest in any of the 3 price brackets that give and still say that if there is no way you pay, it is for you to make a counter offer (eg I record the workshop and I participate for free). We also have the Improvement, where you contribute as much as you want to the platform (it's the only crowdfunding platform in the world that does what I know). Still in Brazil we can mention the example of Vegana Chácara restaurant in Botafogo, which suggests the price but does not check how much you paid in cash. Finally, one of the most famous international cases is Panera Bread. A good report follows below!




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