What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)

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NPS is the acronym for Net Promoter Score, an innovative and modern measure that has been replacing the old satisfaction surveys as the most used way to measure how much a customer would be willing to recommend your service.

The great difference from it begins with the proposition that there is only one question that matters:

"On a scale from 0 to 10, how much would you recommend Company X to a friend or colleague?"

From this result, you should check how many replies you receive in each of 3 distinct categories:


Note from 0 to 6: Customers who generate this score are technically called DETRACTORS. This type of note indicates dissatisfaction and they are probably complaining about your business to other people. You should deepen your knowledge about their problem and try to solve it as quickly as possible!

Note 7 and 8: Customers with this score are called NEUTRAL. They are neither excited nor dissatisfied. The product / service met in the most basic measure.

Note 9 and 8: PROMOTERS Customers! They are the ones who loved your product or service and are releasing it spontaneously to everyone they know!

How to Calculate the NPS

Finally, after tabulating all responses from all clients, you must make the final calculation that generates NPS in the following format:



Let's say you tabulated 10 responses, being 8 promoters, 1 neutral and 1 detractors.

For the calculation, we disregard the neutral and use only the promoters and detractors.

The 8 promoters represent 80% of responses
The detractor represents 10% of responses
So we have 0,8 - 0,1 = 0,7

Transforming to%, we get a result of 70, which would be the NPS's note. The result will always be a number between -100 to 100.

Advantages of NPS

If you are thinking of switching an old search to NPS, here are some advantages:

1. Only one very important question
2. Market standard that allows comparisons
3. Ease of implementation, since several services are already coming with this feature
4. Focus on what matters

Did you like the news? If you need any help getting started with NPS, leave your comment!

Excel Spreadsheets



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