What is a Banner?

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Banners are graphical pieces commonly used for ads, both online and offline. They serve to attract attention in a visual way to products and services and are developed by designers through Photoshop and other tools. In this post, we will focus on banners in digital format!

Where to Use Banners?

1. Google Adwords: The Google Ad Tool, within Display campaigns, allows you to make ads on your partner sites through banners!

2. Remarketing Tools: Like Google, most re-marketing tools, such as Criteo, use banners to make ads on the display network.

3. Affiliate Programs: Another type of marketing strategy that uses a lot of banners, are affiliate programs. This way, affiliates can create flashy ads quickly on their websites or blogs.

4. Content Sites: In general, content sites like blogs or news use lots of banners to promote third party products or partners!

Typical Banner Formats

Although there is no universal standard for banner size, there are some more used in major tools like Google that are good to be followed to facilitate compatibility with different sites on the internet:

* Vertical rectangle: 240 x 400;
* Header for mobile devices: 320 x 50;
* Banner: 468 x 60;
* Header: 728 x 90;
* Square: 250 x 250;
* Small square: 200 x 200;
* Large rectangle: 336 x 280;
* Rectangle inline: 300 x 250;
* Skyscraper: 120 x 600;
* Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600;
* Half page: 300 x 600;
* Large Header: 970 x 90;
* Large banner for mobile devices: 320 x 100;
* Outdoor: 970 x 250;
* Portrait: 300 x 1050.

Banners Examples

Just to illustrate, here are some styles of banners we used in our campaigns!

What is a Banner? 1What is a Banner? 2 What is a Banner? 3

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