What is and How to Do the Behavioral Profile Test DISC

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What is it: The DISC test aims to evaluate the behavioral profile of an individual in a particular environment, usually applied in companies. The methodology was developed based on the work of the psychologist William Marston and published for the first time in his book "Emotions of Normal People" in 1928.

The acronym DISC is composed of the initial letter of each stroke that is evaluated in the test:

a) Dominance (Dominance)

b) Influence

c) Stability (Submission)

d) Compliance

How to: There is a range of possibilities for the DISC test, from free online sites, through spreadsheets and even specialized consulting services. Of course, you should seek the option that makes the most sense for the degree of depth and follow-up you want to have on the subject and also your budget for that type of initiative.

Either way, all these possibilities follow a general framework of application that I will demonstrate below using our DISC profile test worksheet for example.

1) Questionnaire and Questions

The entire basis of the DISC test is related to the answers given in your questionnaire. Although they vary somewhat from version to version, the general intention is to describe situations in which the person evaluated will respond to how much he or she feels closer to it.

The scales vary a little, but all are meant to allow the evaluator to report how much he identifies with it. Many use the Likert scale (totally disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strongly agree). In our spreadsheet, we decided to do something similar, using the 1 numbers (minus me identified), until 4 (I identify completely).

What is and How to Do the DISC 1 Behavior Profile Test

2) Rating DISC

After completing the questionnaire, the spreadsheet automatically calculates the distribution of your DISC profile. In addition to its self-assessment, there is also a second form for third parties to evaluate it. If you are applying this worksheet to a client, each version of the worksheet must be completed by an employee and typically your boss.

The result of DISC is a distribution of your behavioral profile in the 4 traits as in the example below:

What is and How to Do the DISC 2 Behavior Profile Test

3) Plan of Action

Although there is not always an action plan directly associated with the DISC profile test, we believe that all feedback that is intended for the growth and development of the person should try to act on the new information. So in our worksheet you can create activities for your individual development plan relating them to their characteristics.

What is and How to Do the DISC 3 Behavior Profile Test

4) Reports and Interpretation

Finally, the DISC profile test worksheet has an overall report of the progress of your action plan by counting the status of each of them and also the consolidated monthly and also an area with definitions of the positive and limiting behaviors of each of the 4 traits .

What is and How to Do the DISC 4 Behavior Profile Test

If you liked this worksheet and would like to see it working in more detail please visit the product page by clicking here.

Excel Spreadsheets


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