Cash Control: What it is and how to do it

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What is: Cash Control is an administrative-financial routine where you record all the financial transactions of entries and exits performed by your company daily. It's simpler than controlling the company's full Cash Flow, working more like a simple cash control tool in the day to day business, where you can quickly see the cashier's current situation.

Why do: Cash control has two main functions: The first and clearest is the recording of your company's monthly financial transactions and, with this registration, make it easier to access the information of transactions in the cashier. The second function is to quickly analyze your company's daily numbers, making it easy to see if it's a one-month profit and loss.

Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel

Excel Spreadsheets

To facilitate understanding, let's compare it with another financial tool, the Cash Flow. If in Cash Flow you analyze all the financial health of the company, in Cash Control you only register entries and exits and have an overview of your cash balance and if it is being a good month in terms of profit. While Cash Flow facilitates strategic decision making, Cash Control helps with day-to-day Financial Management.

How to do Cash Control?

Doing this type of Control is very simple. As an example, we will use our Sheet Cash Flow.

The first information you need to register is the starting balance, which starts the month, be it negative or positive.


From this information the worksheet will already automatically calculate your current balance, taking into account your inputs and outputs.

The second step is to start recording the entries and exits of the month, always recording main data of the movements as:

  1. Release Date
  2. Brief description of the launch
  3. Type of Release (If it is an entry or exit)
  4. Launch Value

Below I did some sample postings, to better understand how some transactions in the Cash Control would be registered:


Again, what is important is to record all financial transactions as they happen so that you can visualize the current situation of your cash as these inputs and outputs occur on a day to day basis. This way you can see in real time the situation of your cash balance.

Cash Flow Worksheet in Excel

By logging everything in the right way, you can see some important indicators of your company with only this Cash Control, such as your profit / loss and profitability.

Cash Control: What it is and how to do 1

Recalling that the Box control must be carried out month by month, that is, you must register each month in a different copy of the Worksheet. For more extensive analyzes of the financial situation of the business, it is necessary to use a Cash Flow.

If you do not have a Cash Control Worksheet yet, check out our website by clicking on this link (You can try it for free). The LUZ Cash Control Worksheet comes with the structure explained in the article above and even comes with print report for you to print your journal entries.

Excel Spreadsheets


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