What is and How to Use Cross-Selling?

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What is Cross-Selling?

Cross Selling is a sales strategy that consists of suggesting complementary products from a first purchase. For example, if your customer bought an airline ticket, offer him a hotel. Thus, you seek to increase the average ticket and take better advantage of the already captive audience of the company.

How to Cross-Sell?

Of course, there is a minimum process to follow when creating cross-sales. It involves customer knowledge and also some strategies that should be implemented as per the step-by-step below:

a) Purchase Characters

One of the most used methods in the world of marketing is market segmentation. In addition to segmentation, there is purchase character creation which aims to group similar behaviors within their clients and thus better understand their habits. One way to do this exercise is through Map of Empatia, as the image below:

What is and How to Use Cross-Selling? 1

b) Pre-sale

The next step is to prepare with a little planning. That is, study and / or explain the company's products to the sellers. Your information should be easily accessible. In this case, a manual / menu / tokens help a lot! This will allow you to pre-plan a cross-sell list for each purchase character defined in the previous point. Remember that selling is a process to be repeated and not just momentum! I'll use the case of a clothing store. unisex to exemplify:

What is and How to Use Cross-Selling? 2

c) Communicate and Promote

With the table ready, it only remains to warn everyone involved, that is, employees and also customers. Customers should be advised with ads outside and inside the store, the latter being more effective. This may be visible in the box, on the menu, on the shelves or on the products themselves. For employees it is interesting to have something practical like the table above or some reminder scattered in the area restricted to them, as the example below:

example of sales suggestion

d) Partnerships

Finally, more strategically, it is interesting to think of partnerships with other companies to cross-sell. For example, you have a dental office and can make cross referrals to a doctor. You develop websites and have a cross-selling partnership with a digital marketing agency and so on! There are many opportunities in partnerships of this type!

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi Mako, you're more than right, from what I saw we must have gotten confused at the time of writing the first paragraph. Thanks for the tip, I have already corrected the post here.

  2. Only one thing: cross-selling is not the same thing as a married sale. The married sale is when the consumer is forced to buy Y along with X, although he only wants X, which is practice prohibited by the CDC.

  3. I loved the tips ... ..
    are timely and for those who understood them perfectly, will have a good way ..


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