What is customer targeting and how to use it in your favor

customer segment
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What is it: the customer segment defines the profile of the buyer as well as their habits and motivations at the time of purchase. The segment also defines which attributes make a product more or less valuable.

Why do: understanding the business segment helps in many business aspects: approach, product or service design, understanding of competition and, above all, what motivates the customer to consume. By mastering this information (and the right actions from it), your company has a starting point to base your strategy on the market.

What is customer targeting?

The segmentation is nothing more than the selection of customers by which the company wants to relate. Focusing on the customer profile that is similar to demand, aligning value propositions and making them attractive to your business. It was the time when customers had to adapt to the company.

Nowadays companies need to have the right deals to meet the interests of customers and after that, adapt to their needs, the ones they most want and seek. It's not such an easy task, but with some strategies, this is possible.

How to explain your segment well

There are many benefits when you know how to explain your segment very well. This will give you greater confidence, greater stability and generate more consistent and lasting work. You will also know how to reach certain customers who will be a good return for the company.

Check out the following practical tips when explaining your segment:

1 - Plan an Approach Strategy

Choose which customers you want to reach (this is of the utmost importance) and devise a strategy to approach. This approach can be through direct sales or through the channels of communication (marketing).

The approach strategy can begin by understanding the current market. Taking a survey through a market research is the first step in understanding what the current situation is, as well as what your product or service will face when it is entered into it.

2 - Do not be too expansive in the customer segment

Ideally, be as specific as possible. Know the category, whether the customer is the end consumer or intermediary, what leads them to buy that product, the buying habits and motivations. That way, there will be no mistake as to whether your venture is perfect for the right customer.

For this, it is essential to use in a personalized way placing the client as unique, that he understands that that proposal was developed exclusively for him. A survey of customer satisfaction with the market situation would help in understanding the points that can be explored and improved in the sale of a product.

3 - Choose customers for ease of communicating and meeting

You can never be far from your minds. And so, you can set up a great profile to reach and increase your customers. Consequently, your sales will increase and your product will be much more attractive within your niche market.

But when negotiating with customers, it is important that you know how to address and address your goals. Knowing how to win the trust of your customers is critical.

Defining Your Customer Segment

customer segment

The first step is to define your client's general information: who you do business with, age group, geographic sector, interest. Your contact with the customer segment is also crucial, since the more people you contact, the more you will understand and master that information.

What is customer targeting and how to use it 1

Then, you need to establish the state of your product in relation to the market. Is the benefit of your product clear to your industry? Do they present the need to consume your product? Are they willing to pay for your solution?

customer segment

Knowing the answers in this case is fundamental, as it will define the strategy of your product during its insertion in the market, as well as what you should seek to strengthen it.

What is customer targeting and how to use it 2

Finally, the previous information will impact the third stage: the results of your segment. Data, such as the market share you intend to achieve, the long-term market support and the average monthly sales ticket can reveal whether or not the product is ideal for investment.

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