Have you heard of Competency Management?

Have you heard of Competency Management?
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Have you noticed how the world around you changes every year sometimes without even realizing it? This not only in terms of technology, new economy, etc. but mostly people have behaved in different ways. It is what has been classified as the generations alphabets, those so spoken generations X, Y, Z, etc.

If we stop to really think it is possible to observe certain patterns in each of these types, patterns of behavior, attitudes and aspirations and all this, of course, is a reflection of the stimuli that people receive in everyday life, making them think and want different things.

Competency Performance Scorecard

In this context organizations from different parts of the world are also struggling to adapt to these new characters, their collaborators and it has not been an easy task to reconcile the need to achieve goals and results with the aspirations and ambitions of these people.

Thus, the field of people management developed methods that could combine both aspects, that is, work with people at their greatest capacity and extract the best of each, but at the same time worry about their future and development of knowledge skills and attitudes. It was then that the model of Competency Management.

What is Competency Management?

In order to understand what competence management is, we will briefly explain the concept of competence, being well known the French thinking and vision, which explains competence as the joining of a person's knowledge and skills and then how it will act ( with both these parties) in the situations of his personal and professional life.

For example, a person with theoretical knowledge about leadership and team management skills may have leadership competence if the way he or she acts (his attitude) connected to two of these parts is consistent with a leader practice.

Therefore, Management by Competencies brings the idea of ​​managing professional profiles with the capacity to bring a greater return to the organization thinking in terms of what these people have to offer and do their best for the company's results

The main interest in this management model is to be able to identify excellence points and the opportunities of improvement of the employees in order to make them enter a vicious cycle of self-development and then development of the organization.

Competency Performance Scorecard

Interconnected with the whole organization

O Competency Management model is able to interconnect with several areas of management of an organization, being a true north and pillar in the administration of the business. It is possible to work from the area of ​​remuneration to the promotion of positions based on the evaluation of the skills of a collaborator. The following are some of the subsystems of this management model that can be worked on by companies:

Competency Mapping and Measurement

This area is responsible for establishing which skills are valued within the organization so that employees can understand what their leader and co-workers expect of him as a professional. That is, it brings the important characteristics to be practiced so that the work is carried out successfully.

Compensation for competencies

It is very common for companies practicing this management model to use the performance of their employees in the competencies mapped out as a form of remuneration. That is, a professional whose assessment of competence is prominent in the company will have great chances of receiving salary increases and other bonuses.

Competency selection

One of the most applicable areas of the competency management model is the selection of people, where only the profiles that fit the characteristics of the organization will be chosen to be part of the organization's team. At the time of evaluation of candidates these are put to the test if they really fit and are ready to enter the reality of the company.

Competency Performance Scorecard

Skill performance evaluation

It is common at the end of a six-month or annual work period to evaluate the performance of professionals based on what the company considers important if observed, ie based on skills. The results of these evaluations provide the basis for other areas, such as remuneration, to carry out their work.

The Competency Management it may seem a bit complex, but believe me when I say it exists to bring innumerable benefits to organizations and to help them work, achieve results, and develop the people who are the face of the business!

Did you like our text? Do you know any companies that work with this management model? Tell us!

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