What is Inbound Marketing and how can it leverage your business

What is Inbound Marketing and how can it leverage your business
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A good marketing strategy has always been one of the keys for your products to reach a potential customer, isn't it? Now imagine that the focus is reversed. That's right. Think that communication makes the consumer come to you.

In practice, we call this Inbound Marketing, a strategy that gradually approximates and improves the company's relationship with the consumer.

In return for the Outbound marketing, which basically "pushes" the product or service to the consumer, Inbound aims to add value and encourage the customer to reach the brand.

With that, it is clear that marketing actions are essential to leverage your business. The creation and dissemination of satisfied and loyal customers are the only ways to achieve success.

Most administrators think that advertising is very simple. However, in the virtual world, it is easy to identify professionals who invest in a single strategy in an unbridled way.

Why does it happen? Simple! Managers do not use any effective strategy for the digital world. And when the topic is success, we immediately think of Inbound Marketing!

What is Inbound Marketing?

O Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing concept that aims to develop strategies aimed at generating leads and creating relevant content.

The difference between inbound and other strategies is simple: the objective is to win, educate and arouse the interest of the target audience, instead of buying it.

Think of a epoxy resin, with Inbound marketing you don't need to have a box of this resin to invest in actions similar to those of the brand.

The product manufacturer has a content production portal maintained by the brand, disseminating news and original productions periodically.

Following the line of reasoning of Inbound, the epoxy resin brand uses relevant content to attract users, thus increasing the number of sales and generating engagement for the websites.

To give you an idea, by 2023, more than 50% of budgets will be turned to the online environment. In addition, Brazil is the seventh market in the world in digital marketing and should close the year moving 18 billion on its platforms.

This is certainly true for one reason: cost. Talking about strategies, the Inbound Marketing it costs about 62% cheaper than outbound marketing.

However, companies that use blogs get 97% more links linked to their website and 275% is the average ROI (return on investment) produced through Inbound Marketing strategies.

Not to mention the number of Brazilians using the internet, right? According to a survey by TIC Domiciles, 70% of the population, equivalent to 126,9 million people, are active users.

Well, now that you know Inbound Marketing and the importance of your strategy, how about finding out how to implement it?

Step by step to insert an Inbound Marketing strategy

We know that every planning we do needs an initial objective, right? Therefore, it is essential to identify the objective. Also, think of a minimum time to reach that goal, something like 6 months to 1 year.

Take the first step cautiously, especially if your structure and resources are not the best.

For example, start with generating 20 to 50 relevant leads, so people sign up and become potential customers.

Ready! Once the objective has been defined, the planning process can be set up. Are you curious? Keep reading!

Define your audience

Certainly if you opened a business focused on individual protection equipment, you know in which sector to find your audience. However, your target audience must be constantly evolving.

To do this, establish a set of actions that will identify your personas. In short, personas are fictional profiles, based on real studies that enhance your ideal clients.

Where can you find them?

The internet is a gigantic space that grows all the time. In the past, it was only necessary to find out where the target audience was and establish contact by telephone. However, now it can be anywhere in the virtual environment.

To do this, start with the simple: the most used social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

It is important to interact in groups, pages and discussion forums about your business segment. Do not be afraid of brands with similar products, this is when your future customers are waiting for someone who offers quality content and more affordable prices.

When you have completed the process, make a list of all the written and well detailed information about what you can do whenever you go online to generate content, as well as the key words that most return.

Attraction Channels

One of the main steps in Inbound marketing - if not the main one. The generation of qualified flow on your portal or online media platforms is the first step to leverage your strategy.

The consumer enters one of your channels (blog, facebook, instagram, portal and etc.), loves the content you read, signs up to receive material prepared in return, becomes a lead and, simultaneously, a potential customer.

However, this is only possible with the quality content development for your target audience. Therefore, create captivating, intelligent content that identifies and solves problems, pains, arouses curiosity and taste about the topic.

That is, give them attention and solution to their problems. Of course, you don't have to create something too serious. Provide material more contracted and pleasurable to read. Just like videos and infographics.

Make this content available on a blog and email marketing. White papers and e-books are ways of marketing and digital media available to the customer.

An important point is to create a page with '' frequently asked questions '' or '' question box '' for users. This is a page widely accessed on websites and, often, recurring questions are answered quickly and effectively.

Sales Funnel

As soon as you are able to convert your website traffic into leads, the penultimate step of the process comes: sales funnel.

Assisting prospects during the sales funnel, that is, ensuring that each of your personas receives the content according to their interest, based on the moment of purchase that each one finds.

At this point, it is essential to develop great content where you can create a series of offers, posts and other materials to reach your target audience.

Hands on!

The last step is nothing more than closing with the customer. Here, for the growth of your business and the financial sector, it is necessary to turn leads into customers.

This process is also done through content and offers of interest. At that moment, you will be full of information about your leads, being able to create exclusive material for each one and develop a relationship with the consumer.

Send emails, e-books, gift cards and articles to each one. Use some techniques adopted by the marketing market. So, you can implement your actions in the best way.

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