Start Management Concepts Inbound Marketing: What Is It And How To Do It?

Inbound Marketing: What Is It And How To Do It?


Inbound marketing, or attraction marketing, reverses the logic of sales. Instead of the commercial team prospecting from scratch, inbound attract and engage potential customers, making negotiations already start hot.

In this article we will talk about:

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Inbound Marketing - Meaning

A translation of inbound marketing it's attraction marketing or inbound marketing. This name is given, precisely because it reverses the logic of a sales team. In the classical method, known as outbound marketing, the seller must seek his own opportunities. Inbound strives to attract and engage a large number of potential customers, known as leads. Contacts are passed on to the trader only when they are "mature" for sale.

Some inbound pillars are: content marketing, SEO, lead acquisition, marketing automation, and relationship marketing.

The buyer's journey

To better understand the concept of inbound marketing, you need to start with the simplified buyer's journey. Before buying any product, we go through a very common mental process marketing professionals. Its most basic form is:

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Buyer's Day in Digital Marketing

Traditional methods of selling tried to generate awareness in the public through traditional advertising: commercials, flyers, billboards, etc. And direct communication via telemarketing, emails and points of sale, among others, to go through the phases of consideration and decision. This method is gradually losing efficiency for some reasons:

  • Amount of ads bombarding our minds has increased
  • Increased segmentation of audiences, with different pains and incentives
  • Lack of patience of the public with interruptions, such as mid-day phone calls

Sometimes a potential customer is not ready to receive a sales communication. He is still in the awareness phase and receives a phone call that tries to make the direct sale. The company that did this, just lost the sale because of the negative marketing made via interruption.

A purchase day it works something like this:

Consciousness - "I'm feeling kind of bad. It could be a flu or a dengue. What are these symptoms? "

Consideration - "I really have the flu. What are my options for curing the flu or at least relieving the symptoms? "

Decision - "Of all the options I examined and after hearing doctors, I decided to buy this generic remedy. It's within my budget and will end my flu in 5 days. "

What would happen if you called the person in the awareness phase trying to sell a flu remedy?

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How Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing attempts to understand the differences within public-bowel before making direct sales communication. Each person within your contact base will have different pains and expectations regarding your offer. A person can hire a financial advisor, for example, because he is broke or because he wants to grow his business. The pains and the type of communication they will engage in are very different in each case.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

From the understanding of the differences, the inbound advertiser starts to seek gain in authority on issues related to the product. Generally this process is done through the content marketing. What does a person do when he discovers he has a "pain" and needs to remedy it? Search on google, talk with friends and experts, search for opinion of influencers. It is in these places that the company needs to be to be a reference.

After attracting potential audience, the advertiser needs to offer an incentive for users to sign up. Usually it offers some free more in depth content of the subject that has aroused the attention of the user. Having his email means communicating more often trying to evolve the lead from stage awareness to stage consideration.

Direct sales communication only comes when the lead shows, through stock, that it is ready for it. Inbound marketing has a number of advantages over outbound:

  • It is operationally cheaper, since the sales force only enters to close the deal
  • Increases success rate because the right incentives are being offered to certain people
  • And, the main one:

In inbound marketing, people are attracted to the company. In the outbound, the company goes after the people.

Content Marketing Planning Worksheet

The Inbound Marketing Funnel

Inbound Marketing Funnel

The image above summarizes well what was exposed in the previous chapter. Inbound marketing wants to:

attract audience> convert leads> sell products> customer loyalty

Let's talk briefly about each stage of the funnel.

1. Attraction

Attract audiences consist of producing and distributing quality content. Note that I used the term "quality". It is no use producing any type of content and think that google will prioritize you in the searches of users. Relevant content means author content that generates comments, shares, and high user time on the page. You can track this metric through Google Analytics.

What is content?

Content is a message that can be passed on in different media: video, podcast, blog article, infographic, etc. The ideal media for your strategy will depend on what your target users consume. What social networks, channels on youtube, blogs and influences they accompany.

And how to produce quality content?

The first step is to do a lot of research. I am not talking here of quantitative research, numbers and application of questionnaires. But qualitative research, the basis of any marketing project. In short, talk to future users of your products or services. Understand your pains and dreams because they are poorly served by the competition and who influence them.

To do this type of research, I usually take help of a tool called empathy map.

Use your social networks to spread content, search for influencers in your industry willing to cite your content and buy media to bring users to it. If your content touches exactly the pain of a part of your audience, it has a chance to self-promote.

2. Conversion

By attracting your audience, it will be interesting that your relationship with him will continue. To do this, you must convert the visitor into a lead, getting his email. The best way to do this is through a lead magnet, or a sign magnet. This is a free material that can catch the attention of your visitor.

For example, by clicking on the banner below, you will go to our Content Marketing Planning Worksheet. On this page, I hope you are tempted to download a demo version of it. For this, you will have to register your email.

Content Marketing Planning Worksheet

This is what we call the direct lead magnet because it is related to the process of buying the product. But it could be an indirect lead magnet. An example would be a digital book on how to do your content marketing.

What do I need to know to convert leads into leads?

The first step is to set up a landing page, or landing page. It is named because it is the page that serves as the gateway for the user on your site.

Example of Landing Page

This landing page should have the following components:

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Form
  • Call-to-Action Button (CTA) - is the main button, which should catch the user's attention.

You can also choose to make a pop-up or modal form on your site as an option on the landing page. He is that picture that opens on the page with some offer.

Popup Form Example

How can I be sure that my landing page will work?

You'll never know for sure. In inbound marketing, you need to always be testing options. It is at this stage that the figure of the A / B test. It consists of creating a new version of your landing page for testing and tracking results. That is, you will show some users version A and others version B. The one with the best conversion performance becomes the main one.

Testing for conversion optimization should be a routine in the company.

3. Sale

After the conversion of the visitor into lead, your goal for it to be turns you into customer. In an outbound marketing process, at this stage, you would send the contact to the sales team and support their success. But the goal of inbound marketing is to increase the performance of the sales funnel by reducing operational work. And there are still a few steps left before the lead is ready for the business approach.

Structuring Relationship Rules

At the point of sale, you need to structure your marketing automation. That is, what is the flow of emails that the lead will receive until it is ready for the purchase?

Email Marketing Automation

But before you think about emails, you need to understand the concept of lead score, or lead assessment. There are two ways to know if a lead is ready to turn your customer. The first is proactively, when he asks for a quote, makes a more aggressive contact or requests a demonstration of the product. The second is reactively when it does a set of actions that lead you to believe that it is time to address it more directly.

There is no exact science on this topic, but the more a lead consumes your content and interacts with your site, the more it sees you as a reference in the subject, right? It does not make sense that he's always coming back to your site and always opening his emails if he does not like what he's seeing. The secret of the lead score is to assign a value to each action of the lead and to define the correct value at which it addresses it.

It is normal to err at first, but like everything else in inbound marketing, you should go testing and hitting it slowly.

Stay tuned for lead nutrition

Another important aspect in this phase is nourish your leads. That is, get more information from them by offering new lead magnets. Over time, you will notice some data in common among your customers and will be able to correctly map the leads that have a greater chance of closing deals.

A lead nutrition allows a more effective business approach. We have a good example of this in the LIGHT. Once we started asking about the main occupation of our leads. When crossing with sales, we obtain the following picture:

Lead Nurturing

Notice the conversion rate of sales that we got among business owners, consultants and management positions. This discovery began to guide our production of content, the choice of channels, and even the production of new spreadsheet.

Content Marketing Planning Worksheet

4. Loyalty

After the sale materialized, his inbound marketing work is not over yet. Remember what I said about people picking up on google and talking to friends when they feel a "pain"? These friends may just be your current customers who can speak well or ill of you. So you need to show that he made the right decision when turning over your client.

Invest in surveys that help you improve the product and content that improves your customer's relationship to the product. At LUZ, we produce many tutorial videos using our products and articles on the blog showing their use in real situations.

Inbound Marketing Tools

You should be almost out of breath reading this article after so much information.

You must be thinking "but to do it all, I'm going to need a giant team." Calm down, not really. There are several useful tools to automate not only your inbound marketing, but the digital marketing industry as a whole. Below you can check out some that I use, have already tested or that have recommended me.

SEO and keyword research

Adwords keyword planner - is the google adwords keyword planner, for you to associate the produced content with the most searched keywords by users.

Google search console - tool to track organic site searches and fix SEO errors.

Seomonitor - helps define the keyword strategy and track the performance of the content produced.

SemRush - same logic as Seomonitor, but more focused on presenting search insights and improvements based on your competitors' keywords.

Social Networking Management

Buffer App



WordPress - the best and most complete platform for creating and managing a blog. We even wrote a full article teaching how to make a blog on the platform.

Landing Pages

Unbounce - you can create pages without having to be a designer, monitor performance and do your own A / B tests.

lead Pages - features very similar to Unbounce.

Fomularies and Pop-ups

Optin Monster

Ninja Forms - just for wordpress.

Easy Modal - just for wordpress.

In-Site A / B Tests


Visual Web Optimization

Marketing Automation and Lead Score

Hubspot - It's expensive in Brazil, but it's quite complete.

RD Station - Brazilian version of Hubspot. Great for beginners, but a little fret for advanced users.

Mailchimp - does well the automation part, but has no lead score.

Active Campaign - quite complete tool

Pipz - another Brazilian automation tool. I never used it, but they recommended it.

Content Marketing Planning Worksheet

Inbound Marketing x Outbound Marketing

You may have noticed some movies (or experienced the situation), such as Looking for happiness, the routine run of a seller of old. There does not seem to be much strategy. The professional is hired and hears from a superior "his sales goal is $ 10 million. This is your desk and this is your phone. Good luck!". From that moment on, the seller goes into a crazy race behind the finish line, turning around as best he can. When he is away from the goal, he wakes up early or works longer hours.

This is an example of outbound marketing poorly done, with no automation at all. He values ​​unilateral communication through advertising beyond direct sales through classic methods such as telemarketing, direct mail and active prospecting. This one marketing concept worked well when mass advertising was more restricted. The problem is that nowadays we are bombarded by a lot of advertising on different channels. The public became more selective and less open to interruptions.

Inbound marketing x Outbound marketing

Inbound marketing already values ​​a more personalized communication, trying to make the public aware that the company can solve their pain before trying to sell. Despite customization, inbound has the majority of automated flows, meaning it is a less operational and cheaper way to get new customers.

That does not mean the outbound has died. The ideal, as always, is to understand what each technique best aggregates and test different initiatives and approaches in a company. Check here how to choose between inbound and outbound marketing!

Content Marketing Planning Worksheet

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  1. Hi, Luciano, we certainly do. Knowledge is there to be shared. Thanks for the words and hugs.

  2. Congratulations on the clarity and consistency of the communication developed in this article. I find it very enlightening and complete, for it transmitted an overall picture in a direct and cohesive way. I would like to share with my clients and colleagues if they allow. Thankful and Success!

  3. Speak, Rafael!

    Firstly, congratulations for the post! Indeed, in the midst of the 21st century, with digital recorders, pop-up blockers, and anti-propagation movements, the signs that people do not like to be pestered are many, and brands still insist on paying to stuff people when they could disclosure in a much more useful and enjoyable way. Despite this, I agree with you that traditional advertising still has a long life ahead. Will understand…

    Secondly, it was worth the morale to indicate Interest! We are really trying to paddle against the tide, and we believe that one day we will still be able to reverse this misguided view that brands need to be boring to get people's attention.

    Since you asked for references, and quoted Red Bull, I'd like to point out the Red Bull Media House, which is a kind of house agency for the company. It pays to lose (or earn) a few minutes seeing some of their sensational cases:

    On the issue of YouTube, we really will not be able to convince the Google summit to end the ads, but that does not mean we can not get rid of them! I recommend the Adblock Plus plugin:

    Big hug,

  4. Hi Laíre, I agree with you that it is a very good chatinha practice, but it is the way these companies get money and hardly this scenario will change in the short term (even with complaints).

    This kind of thing only changes even if the number of users drops drastically or something, which will hardly happen without a similar, quality service (we have Vimeo which might be the case, but it's not yet for several reasons)

    I think you could start by testing Vimeo or other alternatives that suit you the most. Our biggest claim currency is to stop using the services we do not like or agree on (this is still not our case for You Tube, but we encourage those who follow this direction)

    Big hug

  5. What about advertising on the internet, more precisely on YOUTUBE? There are hundreds and hundreds of videos that for a few seconds DURING the display of that video an advertisement is displayed. This is somewhat ODD, DETESTABLE, but that youtube partner (s) are earning a good deal of money. I do not even know if there's any way to download the video without that damn propaganda. I made my complaint, if a large part of the netizens do the same, the dome of Youtube will have to do something to avoid such displeasure.

  6. Speak Luiz and Wagner!

    Thanks for the comments! I agree with you Luiz, we have to be very careful with clichés of what is right and what is wrong. It is worth knowing moments of flexibility and that not everything that is said or done is right.

    Wagner, not all the big brands are bonding in this trend, not so much that some are falling behind! In the case of radio is a good question. Although we think we are in this trend, we will still have a few (and several years on) years that the advertisement will continue to appear. What radio needs to do is to review your business model based on profit generation for advertising and see some other that makes sense.

    We can think of several alternatives (which are not necessarily the best ones) such as subscription to participate in radio discount programs, have premium content that is paid beyond normal programming, among other items, but I do not know the right answer either =]

    Big hug

  7. Hello! Great text! This is definitely a strong trend and it is being very well executed by major brands as quoted above.

    This only worries me because I work with Radio. In this case, how to work with advertising, being inserted in this context?

  8. Hello! Great post, we just need to be careful with certain cliches ... dress codes, etc ... there are alternatives not only behavioral to everything we see now and without a doubt and, obviously, are those that stand out over the others, which includes marketing as a everything.


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