Internal communication: important but little spoken within companies

The importance of internal communication for your company
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A internal communication It is very important, but little addressed within companies.

It aims to transmit information about the organization to employees through channels such as corporate TV, social networks, bulletin boards, email and others.

Without it, the company can have serious problems such as employee demotivation, process errors and the famous “gossip”.

If you want to know how to improve your organization's internal communication, check out this article!

Who does not communicate, will be in trouble

This is a famous phrase from the great presenter Chacrinha, and it makes a lot of sense when we talk about internal communication, because a company that delivers clear messages to its employees increases their engagement and consequently increases productivity.

And the main advantages of a well-structured internal communication are:

  • Team aligned: A united team allows people to share the same vision and work together to achieve goals.
  • Efficient Processes: A team aligned with procedures and other areas of the company makes processes more efficient and useful.
  • Organizational climate: The employee understands his importance in the company and this makes him feel more valued, becoming an advocate of the organization.
  • Integration of new employees: They are guided through training that facilitates their integration with the processes and with the team.

The importance of internal communication for your company

Define media

The organization needs to define the channels of communication that best fit its ultimate goal of delivering a clear, objective, and easily understood message.

One of the media a company can use:

  • Mural

The bulletin board, also known as the bulletin board, is often common in companies, and it is important that it be placed in a widely circulated location and also in company locations that do not have internet access.

The bulletin board needs to get attention with simple and to the point messages.

  • Meeting

An objective meeting with the purpose of bringing the right information to employees can be successful if it has an agenda and does not extend beyond one hour.

  • E-mail

Email is also a great communication tool as it is objective and has the destination for the right people, but it takes stay tuned with “crowded” inboxes and important messages that became “spam”.

  • Intranet

An intranet is a computer network restricted to an enterprise.

And the contributor has a login and password to access this network. And within it there are communication channels such as chat, which can facilitate the exchange of information.

  • Whatsapp

The famous Whatsapp is also widely used by companies. Here you can create conversation groups for information exchange.

  • Internal processes

Internal processes can be represented by flowcharts and / or also through work instructions, which describe step by step how the purchasing process is done, for example.

Importantly, companies need not be restricted to just one medium, but can use multiple channels at the same time, all to facilitate the exchange of information.

Empowerment of leaders who will convey the messages

It is important for leaders to be empowered to convey information to employees after all each person interprets the information in a way.

And leading different people is always a challenge. But it is an important objective within the company, to improve the relationship with employees.

After all, employee satisfaction can directly impact the productivity and success of the organization.

To improve the relationship with the leader, the leader can apply the tips:

  • Be available: Every employee wants to feel supported, so leave the hierarchy aside and always be available to listen to your leader.
  • Encourage the union of differences: Your team has led with distinct backgrounds and stories. Then try to find out what is best for promoting motivating and productive teamwork.
  • Recognize and value employees: people like recognition for work, so praise and acknowledge when needed.

The importance of internal communication for your company

Internal Communication with 5W2H

O 5W2H It is a method that creates a simple and effective action plan that can assist in the deployment of internal communication within a company.

To use the method we must make use of the following questions:

  • WHAT: what will be reported (Purchasing Procedure Deployment Training).
  • WHY: why this should be communicated (For employees to be aware that the company will provide training to implement the procurement procedure).
  • WHERE: where it will be communicated - location (intranet, meeting, email or other channel that the company deems most important)
  • WHEN: when will it be reported - time (Training dates and times)
  • WHO: by whom will be communicated (Who will be responsible for conducting the training).
  • HOW: as will be communicated (Through employee training).
  • HOW MUCH: how much it will cost to communicate (Employee time, what the company will gain from a working purchasing procedure, and others).

A internal communication It is the key to aligning employees, leaders and senior management, because it is through it that everyone is informed about the goals that need to be achieved by the company.

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