Start Management Concepts Know the best methods of developing people

Know the best methods of developing people

methods of people development

In the people management, development differs from training because it is a broader spectrum. O training focuses on the teaching of competencies useful for performing functions that will assist in the current assignments of the individual.

Enquanto or developing people does not necessarily focus on the individual's current assignments. But in the search for new experiences that aim at human development as a whole and add skills for the individual to grow in life and therefore in the company.

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Get to know the 9 best people development methods

1. Rotation of Charges

In this type of method, what happens is the movement of people in various positions in the company, in order to expand their skills, knowledge and capabilities. Such a method can be both vertical and horizontal.

In the vertical rotation, there is a provisional promotion of the person to a new, more complex position. In horizontal rotation, there is a lateral transfer of people in the short term to absorb knowledge and experiences of the same complexity.

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This activity greatly improves the company's processes, as people will begin to better understand which of their assignments can positively or negatively impact the assignments of others.

Many companies also like to allocate new hires to customer service for a few weeks before they take on their real jobs. This makes the whole team know the customers and understand their pains and goals.

2. Internal Projects

Some companies, when faced with bottlenecks or opportunities for improvement, form teams to plan and execute internal projects. This is an excellent opportunity to promote exchange within the company.

Some people believe that in order to improve financial processes, for example, a team of finance experts should be formed. However, I can guarantee that the more multidisciplinary these teams are, the greater the chances of circumventing the bottlenecks or seizing opportunities for improvement.

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3. Group dynamics

group dynamics - people development

It consists of bringing the team together for collective activities. They can be directly linked to their functions or not. The important thing is to set an objective behind this dynamic before you plan and apply it. This may be to develop some collective team skills - logic, communication, attention to detail - or simply strengthen team sense.

4. Case studies

It is an example of group dynamics, in which participants are confronted with a real problem and must solve it together. This simple exercise will develop people's analytical, communication, and persuasive skills.

5. coaching

It is usually applied when a new member joins the company or when a member is going through an important process such as a promotion. In that case, a coach is assigned to him. This is a more experienced member of the company who has already gone through a similar process and will be responsible for guiding you in your new empowerment processes.

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6. Presence in External Events and Seminars

This method has a double gain for the company. First, because the employee will acquire knowledge and build networking. Secondly, he will feel rewarded for being chosen to represent the company at that seminar or event.

7. Stimulus Reading

encouraging reading - people development

It is not very common to observe the habit of reading in Brazilians. However, I strongly believe that it is up to us, entrepreneurs, to stimulate it in our teams. We win and the contributors win. LUZ has this policy and I recommend it for all companies. Any member of staff can indicate books that they believe will help them and the company itself makes the purchase. It is worth remembering that these books continue with the company and can be passed on to other employees afterwards.

8. Course Financing

Not just specific courses for your positions in the company, but any course that can provide personal growth should be encouraged via cost help, provided that within the possibilities of the company. An arts course, for example, can have an absurd effect on a person's ability to communicate. On the other hand, a gastronomy course can act on creativity and attention to details.

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9. Outdoor Events

Simply joining the team in an off-the-job environment provides personal growth. People will get to know each other better, they will exchange information and the family feeling will flourish in the company. Especially if these events can count on the families of the collaborators. In Luz we used to organize collective tracks in Rio de Janeiro. It was challenging and created a sense of collective help and overcoming challenges.

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