The 10 main features of the entrepreneurial mindset

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Article written by LUZ columnist Leandro Rasia, responsible for SenseCoaching.

Being an entrepreneur is no simple task. Even more in Brazil, where difficulties arise from all sides and in the most varied forms. All the political and economic instability, coupled with labor standards and one of the greatest tax burdens on the planet, transform the lives of those who undertake a great challenge.

But even in times of crisis, I have entrepreneurial clients who are succeeding.

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Evidence to undertake and succeed is not something that depends so much on the external setting.

And what influences, in fact, the success or otherwise of a business?

What I have seen from my experience is that the entrepreneur's MindSet is the main factor influencing success or failure in a business.

What is MindSet?

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

Mindset is the mentality that each of us has in relation to life. This set of mental attitudes directly influences our behaviors and thoughts and is decisive for us to achieve success or not.

Second Carol S. Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford University in the United States, our Mindset explains our optimistic or pessimistic way of seeing life and behaving in front of it.

And any and all mindset can be changed. After all, you can create new mental characteristics and patterns, which you realize could help you meet your business goals.

Mindset change-minded entrepreneurs believe that their talents and skills can be developed, if they are patient, focused, and dedicated to it.

Entrepreneurs with this profile are those who are destined to succeed, because they seek incessantly, overcome their limitations and improve their knowledge.

And what are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneurial mindset?

The following will address 10 key features of a successful entrepreneur mindset, so I have noticed with my experience.

#1 - They know where they want to go

entrepreneur mindset - know where they want to go

One main characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is to have a very clear vision of your goals.

They know exactly where they want to go, specifically. They know how long it takes to reach their goal. They know it's possible to get where they want and why it's important to get there.

They have a very clear picture of where they want to go and can feel how they will achieve their goals.

The first action I do with my clients is to clearly define their goals.

After all, if you do not know where you're going, any way is good, right?

#2 - Seek Information

A successful entrepreneur seeks information on a daily basis. Whether it's information your customer needs, whether it's information on the financial or operating performance of your business, or information from your team ...

The pursuit of information is what creates security in decision making, which all who run a business must carry out at all times.

It is what allows you to adjust the candles of your business, align with the wind, seek new markets and opportunities.

And the search for information allows the next feature to be potentialized: planning.

#3 - They are planned

No success occurs in business when there is no planning, which demands the search for information.

You can know where you are going, but if you do not plan your journey, you will be subject to not knowing how to face each step to be fulfilled until you reach the desired destination.

You must have a plan, which can be quite extensive or relatively short. But the better the planning, the better the conditions for success.

In order for the entrepreneur to do and fulfill the planning, it is necessary that there be discipline and focus. If you change plans every week, you will get nowhere ... At this point, time control is something that is given enough attention in the coaching processes.

Planning also assists in a fundamental issue that breaks entrepreneurs early on: the financial question. One should not subjugate financial planning, which can be the difference between whether or not to succeed in business.

#4 - Take risks

entrepreneur mindset - take risks

Every successful entrepreneur has a relatively good ability to take risks. And it must be emphasized that they are calculated risks.

I have met entrepreneurs who were adventurous and who threw themselves off the cliff without analyzing whether their parachute is well folded ... And this is not good for businessmen.

But, on the other hand, I also met entrepreneurs who were "frozen" where they were, for fear of taking a step and something going wrong.

Do you see yourself in some of the above two situations?

I have seen that the issue of taking risks is a very personal factor, and is often based on facts that have occurred in the entrepreneur's life story.

#5 - They know their mission

Every successful entrepreneur knows what his personal life mission is. The clarity of what you want and need to accomplish here on this planet brings you a different meaning to your goals as an entrepreneur.

Self-knowledge, which every successful entrepreneur must have and seek, gives him the means to support diversities and move on, since there is something far greater to be achieved on a personal level through success in his business.

I have had the honor of facilitating the process of discovering the personal mission of many entrepreneurs. And when that comes out, everything changes for them.

Aligning your personal purpose to your business greatly enhances your chances of success.

In addition to generating something very important within the entrepreneurial mindset: the commitment.

#6 - Are committed

Are you committed to your business?

I realize that there are entrepreneurs who are committed to their business. They are engaged in their goals, spending the time and energy they need to achieve their goals, which are aligned with their life purpose.

They become leaders, by the inner strength they possess, that reveal their determination and steadfast commitment.

They join the people they work with to assist when needed. And do not make excuses for something not done.

#7 - Communicate

entrepreneurial mindset - communicative

Communication is essential for success in any aspect of our lives. And it could not be different when it comes to entrepreneurship.

A good communication skill is essential to lead, sell, negotiate, motivate as well as several other factors that are key to business success.

#8 - relate

Having good communication, every successful entrepreneur relates. He has the skills to socialize, meet new people, integrate teams, conduct networking, create alliances and partnerships. The relationship must be stimulated all the time.

I've had some clients who were very shy. Others had low self-esteem, feeling unable to be heard or even briefly presenting their business in public. And this created serious barriers to success as entrepreneurs.

#9 - Do more than expected

There is something that makes all the difference for those who want to start and succeed: the search for extra km. It is walking a little more than planned. It is to go beyond.

When you do and deliver a little more than your client asks, you exceed his expectations. And when you do that, you generate a differential of your business versus the customer.

And that's the difference that makes the difference.

For this, it is fundamental that the differential is in the planning and internalized within the entrepreneur. It must be a habit, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Have you been acting out of your comfort zone?

#10 - Develop Yourself

And one of the most important of all traits is that a successful entrepreneur develops all the time.

For he knows that success or defeat in his business is grounded in himself. No one else is responsible for the victories and defeats he achieves as an entrepreneur.

Knowing this, he is constantly searching for learning about himself. It makes self-knowledge and development of your skills a constant and regular practice.

Realize that changing your mindset is changing the results of your business, being an investment that surely brings return to yourself and all who make up your team.

Change is a part of their lives and they face the inner challenges to create, within themselves, the skills they need to be the best version of themselves.

Does it make sense to you?

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