Start Management Concepts Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

What motivates you to read this modest article?

Believe me, the simple fact that I know you will read it, and that it can somehow help you, motivates me to write a little more of that to you.

What is Motivation

Motivation is a kind of inner fuel that drives and leads to something of something or something.

For Rudolph, Udo (2003). Psychological motivations . Weinheim: Beltz , Motivational Chemistry, In Medicine for Human Science, The Science of the Resortation with Social Sciences, in Human Society . In other words, it is the inner drive that leads to action. So an important issue in the psychology of motivation is how to behave steadily.

The Importance of Motivation in Performance

Being motivated is related to the fact that you do something well. You are motivated to work, you do it with excellence, desiring the results of your business, meeting deadlines, wanting customers or suppliers, honest with your commitments themselves. When you are motivated, how tasks become more enjoyable and easier to perform. It is very important that organizations care about the motivation and well being of the worker, promoting activities that seek to stimulate and engage, because everyone wins. The human being itself also has to know and seek, after all is not everything that motivates a person who will motivate another. Being well motivated will be able to offer your best in all walks of life.

The main Motivational Theories

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Amidst so many Theories on the subject, I decided to give a brushstroke in three Motivational Theories that guide human behavior.

Theory of Abraham Maslow

Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Still the most well-known, Maslow has created a hierarchy through his needs pyramid, where he exposes needs in a growing way, where the base of the pyramid figure the basic necessities to live.

Physiological needs are related to the maintenance of the human organism itself, ie, the basic to ensure good health, such as food, water, sleep.

Security needs already concern protection in general, whether of the body, of employment, of the family, of goods and the like.

Social needs are linked to social interaction as friendships, social interactions as a whole.

The needs of self-esteem come from the yearning to be approved and recognized in the family, social and professional environment.

The Self-Realization Needs, is nothing more than to reach the maximum of the objectives outlined, such as to have professional growth, to complete that course so desired, to have autonomy that previously did not have to solve pending issues.


Theory of Herzberg

Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Created by the psychologist Frederich Irving Hersberg, the theory of the two factors has as a premise to understand the reasons that cause the dissatisfaction in the people responsible for the satisfaction within an organization, that is, he affirmed that there were two factors that affects the individual considerably within a company.

For now the so-called motivational factor would be everything that keeps the human being motivated, how to be happy with the job that he or she is doing, with the tasks, with the possibility of using all potential and having the freedom to do, and to obtain professional development.

The hygienic factor takes into account factors that can lead the individual as a professional to dissatisfaction. It deals with factors where the company has autonomy to decide, without people can change whether they like it or not, for example: the issue of salary values, internal company rules, leadership and in addition.

Theory of Motivation by Expectation

Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Initially developed by Victor Vroom and later complemented by Porter and Lawler, the expectation theory basically believes that people are motivated from the moment they plan, outline goals and are aware that if they complete all the steps and prepare to achieve your objective. That is, what drives them is that they know that the result of their effort, their improvement in the short or medium term, will produce results, in the long run according to their objective, being a better job proposal, a recognition , a personal fulfillment. That is, the expectation of a positive response produces and nourishes the motivation.


Motivation: What it is, and its importance.

Remember that motivation is the driving force for achieving our goals and expected results, driving us higher and higher, helping us design and overcome obstacles in the middle of the journey. Company x Employees, it is a two-way street, when one is motivated, everyone is and everyone will reap the fruits of the work done with excellence. Motivate yourself and help your team win. We list below some of our worksheets to assist you in the process. Forward!

Essential Worksheets for Team Management

Registration and Employee Control Worksheet: With this worksheet it is possible to produce records of all employees of the company and also record all information related to it, such as personal data, salaries and whatever else is relevant to facilitate consultation by the company.

Worksheet for Team Development: This spreadsheet package is very interesting to register your entire team with the proper skills and competences of each one, establishing training plans, performance evaluations, as well as positions, criteria and salaries by function. A complete management!

Strategic Planning Worksheet : Set goals, and deadlines for execution and follow-up for this strategy or progress of your strategy. As the action plan is visible and the desired effect is being applied.

Complete Strategic Management Worksheet : This worksheet gives you a broad view of the entire company, value setting, general goal tracking or by industry. Linked to a spreadsheet has a tool that is a diagnostic company where you can find out what can be improved. Contains action plans, indicator reports and more so you can recover your company and its activities.

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