Myopia in Marketing: Understand What Customers Want

myopia in marketing
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When you sell drills, new cars or dental services, it is not your products or services that your customers want to buy.

What they want is the result they will achieve by using their products and services. This reversal of is called "myopia in marketing".

For example, the person who buys a drill, does not want the tool itself. She wants a way to make the kinds of holes the drill makes. The person who buys a car, does not just search for the car itself. She seeks a means of transportation, and depending on her budget and state of mind, she also seeks prestige, comfort and even envy her neighbors and friends.

Anyone going to a dentist is not interested in oral health or making a filling. Is interested in having a beautiful smile, get rid of a pain or end the bad breath caused by some problem in the teeth.

Remember that a sale is rarely based on logical aspects. It is based on emotional aspects - including those clients who think their decisions are rational.

To increase your sales, listen to your customers and understand what hidden emotional needs they want your product or service to satisfy. And then, sale for that hidden emotional need.

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  1. Hi Jose,

    Actually, within sales there are many concepts each applicable to each type of product. However, there are also different terms to designate the same strategy and I believe that is the case. The only slightly different view of the post is that the need to buy is more emotional than rational, okay?


  2. I always heard that "SALES IS THE CREATION OF THE NEED FOR PURCHASE" and I tried to practice, in many situations the result was positive. Was I working this "hidden emotional need" all the time and did not realize?

  3. It depends on the type of product that the person is buying. For example, food brings the relationship of health and satiety. Cleaning products bring health and comfort. And so on.

  4. Daniel, your closing phrase says it all: "Sell for that hidden emotional need." I still had not thought of it that way. Good inspiration.


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