Make Your Financial Planning Complete in 3 Steps

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What is: Financial planning is a projection of revenues and expenses that aims to indicate the general economic situation of a person, company or project. From financial planning, it is possible to define how much money is available and thus direct its use.

Why do: Without complete financial planning, it is virtually impossible to realize the projections, analyze and apply your investments at the right time, assume costs and recognize the best opportunities to direct your business.

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Excel Spreadsheets

Personal Finance Worksheet

Advantages of Financial Planning

Any business - be it big, medium, or small - needs fundamentally to have a complete and realistic financial planning, so that it can grow in a healthy way. And, important as it is, many entrepreneurs ignore its relevance. Perhaps this is the main cause of many companies finalizing their activities in the first years of existence. The new entrepreneur may find it difficult to design their financial planning. However, if you take a few fundamental steps into account, you can easily identify your profile, your goals, and your way of doing things. See how easy it is to plan your success!

STEP 1: Recognize your real situation

Economic feasibility study There is no other way to begin the preparation of financial planning: it is necessary to delimit the conditions of your company. Consider the market time, the positives and others to improve, the type of service, the target audience, the type of communication you have with your audience, and all the features that make up your profile. In short, in addition to general aspects of your company, it is also necessary to make a balance sheet of your business. Considering your actual situation, you can better define the type of planning for your company and your initial investment to make the necessary changes. The spreadsheet becomes an aligned tool at this point.

STEP 2: Predict different scenarios for your business

Economic feasibility study No one can predict the future, but we can all prepare for it. We can predict some scenarios of action. The point is to define three different scenarios to facilitate your planning. In addition, at this stage, you can also align your revenues and your spending structure - set the monthly average revenue and raise what will be the company's fixed and variable expenses. The Budget Worksheet is a very useful resource at this time of financial planning.

STEP 3: Draw an Action Plan

Initial investment This is the time to come up with a meticulous plan of action that will make everything written on the paper come true. It's the right time to roll up your sleeves and take some measurements, such as:

  • Define your goals;
  • Map the necessary actions;
  • Create a realistic schedule;
  • Divide tasks according to the responsibilities and competences of your team;
  • Measure results;
  • Document your actions so that they can be evaluated in the future.

The Monthly Financial Report and the Monthly Sales Report are quite effective in this task.

See how important it is to do financial planning? The has a packet of Spreadsheets with 6 Spreadsheets and Handout: Financial Planning, specially developed to facilitate the organization of companies. Get these tools already and build successful strategies!

Personal Finance Worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


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  2. I have a winch company and I plan to buy another truck to serve customers in the aftermath of trucks and trucks but I am very doubtful due to the political changes and the insecurities of the companies as well.

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  5. Basic questions:
    1. Is Financial Planning the Same as a Financial Budget?
    2. What is the difference between an Economic Planning and a Financial Planning?
    Please help me. I really need to understand this ...

  6. Hi Luis, how are you?

    1 - Everything will depend on the context and nowadays there is always someone inventing a new use for some term. In general they fulfill the same function, planning and financial budget serve for you to make a projection of incoming and outgoing money in a given period (month, year, etc.).

    If you are precious you can say that the budget is just the act of raising the numbers and that the planning is more complete, because in it you will outline goals, goals, indicators and actions to reach those numbers

    2 - That's simpler than it sounds. Everything that refers to economic has to do with the result itself, while the financial has to do with transactions. I find this text very explanatory and objective -

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