Start Management Concepts People Management Policy: What It Is and Key Topics

People Management Policy: What It Is and Key Topics

People Management Policy

The importance of people management policy for companies

At present, the labor relations experience a different moment: the worker / employee is much more valued. This is because the professionals who hold positions of leadership have a more humanistic and integrative view and want more effective results in relation to people management.

Yes, Chiavenato, the importance of people management policy consists of looking at the worker as a partner, as an individual who offers knowledge, skills, competencies and, above all, the main contribution to organizations, be they public or private: intelligence, that provides rational decisions and that impresses meaning and towards objectives of work.

Thus, the worker becomes an active subject that transforms the organizational environment.

People Management Worksheet

Main themes of the people management policy

Every organization must make its culture very clear to its employees, in order to obtain a better chance of facing the struggles that always occur in management. In this sense, the personnel manager should make sure that his employees know and practice the organizational culture.

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For this, an adequate communication process between managers and employees is required, as well as an adequate training process for each position. Here are some steps to practice good management:

Training of employees

It is very important to define the company's training policy. When will they occur, for whom and the criteria for choosing employees.

Every employee will have new ideas and solutions to the problems. Therefore, it is good to invest in technical and personal skills training of the team. Besides the good preparation that will certainly receive the employees, they will feel valued and motivated to improve their results more and more.

The 5 pillars of people management

Encouraging participation

Defining environments, venues and incentive agendas will make innovative ideas and problems more easily solved. In addition, valuing the work of professionals, recognizing the positives and rewarding the best employees is an excellent stimulus.

Distribution of responsibilities

Basically, this is the part of the human resources policy that defines the company's job and salary plan. Clear distinctions of positions, responsibilities and salaries eliminate injustice in the company and make employees work more motivated.

By doing so, employees will always be aligned with the purposes of the organization and prepared to perform their duties. A leader recognizes and values ​​your team. Thus, when delegating functions, the possibility of autonomy and problem solving will arise.

Performance evaluations

Every company needs to define how its performance evaluations. What will be the method, the periodicity and the criteria.

From them, praising performance, pointing out what needs to be improved and celebrating what has worked is always timely. What is important is always to point to both the positive and negative sides, balancing the two sides, so that the positive is always highlighted and the negative is softened.

Bonus and Awards Policies

Every company works best when employees are motivated. And there is no better way to motivate workers than to show them that the effort will be rewarded. Define individual and, above all, collective, bonus and award policies.

In summary, for an excellent people management, nothing better than a good partnership between all the steps of the organization's hierarchy. This will maximize profits and increase the productivity of an organization.

People Management Worksheet

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