Start Management Concepts Everything you need to know about people management processes

Everything you need to know about people management processes

people management processes

For every work, there is a science of this work, and what can be done by the machine is not to be done by man.
(Frederick W. Taylor)

Pillars of Taylorism

The challenges of people management

A people management brings together a set of techniques that enable organizations to attract, retain, and develop talent. In the face of constant changes in the organizational context, it is to maintain an administration focused on the management of human resources, since the continuity of an organization is determined by the quality of the products and / or services, since the basis of all this is in people.

People Management Worksheet

It is common for all organizations to constantly and effectively seek new ways of managing people. That is to say, people management is just as important as the company's own profit. It is by the acting of the people that the work occurs. Following the thought of the teacher Chiavenato, people and organization form the same context. One side needs the other: "a relationship of mutual dependence in which there are reciprocal benefits".

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A few decades ago, people management in organizations is being analyzed discussed by several researchers, especially about changes in the management of people under the organizational context. In this sense, the Professor David Olson Ulrich emphasizes the emphasis on the practice of new management systems, in which the human being becomes the center in the administration of organizations.

If on the one hand there is distance between discourse and action, on the other hand what requires of organizations are new ways of thinking about people management. The scenario of successful companies is transforming strategies into action and managing processes in an intelligent way.

leadership - people management processesWithin Chiavenato's line of thought, "talking about people management is talking about people, about mentality, about vitality, about action and about pro-action. The management of people is one of the areas that has suffered the most changes and transformations in recent years. Not only in its tangible and concrete aspects but mainly in the conceptual and intangible aspects. People management has been responsible for the excellence of successful organizations and the contribution of intellectual capital that symbolizes, above all else, the importance of the human factor in the full Information Age. " (Chiavenato 2005, p. 5).

The 5 pillars of people management

Although the changes happened slowly in the organizations, there were no questions of its legitimacy. Hence the indisputability of flexibility in concepts, references and management models so that the success of such actions is not compromised. Like this, organizations that know how to privilege people management reach the balance. The biggest challenge of people management is knowing that participation, empowerment, involvement and development are with the people who make it up.

People Management Worksheet

The 6 people management processes that you need to master

people management processes

1) Add people

Chiavenato defines this process as a way to introduce new people into the company in order to adapt to organizational needs within a given time. This process is also known as recruitment and selection.

2) Apply people

It is the process by which people in an organization are used to perform their activities. For Chiavenato, it is to guide and monitor the performance of the professional, that is, the organizational charge plan, analysis and description of positions, orientation of people and performance appraisal.

3) Reward people

Chiavenato defines it as a way to encourage people and meet their individual needs, which includes rewards, compensation and benefits.

4) Develop people

Chiavenato, to train and increase professional and personal development, which includes training and development of people, career and communication. We hardly remain the same, especially in the organizational environment. The change, the growth of people and the company must be continuous.

5) Keep people

Chiavenato evaluates this process as a means to create satisfactory environmental and psychological conditions for people's activities, such as: discipline, hygiene, safety and quality of life and maintenance of relationships. This fifth process emphasizes employee satisfaction.

6) Monitor people

Once again defined by Chiavenato as monitoring and control of people's activities and verification of results.

How to monitor people management processes?

It is noticed that the six processes of people management are interrelated, so that they combine and influence each other directly. In that sense, if one step is well used, the tendency is to favor others. If, however, one of them is misused, the tendency is the prejudice of others.

What should occur then is if one of the steps is misapplied, the next step has to compensate for that previous step that was not well executed. Finally, all of them must harmonize, be well interconnected so that there are no flaws in the process.

To assist you in this process, we recommend that you Complete Person Management Worksheet from light.

People Management Worksheet

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