Strategic Focus: Transform large markets into segments

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Do not try to face a large and diverse market with a low budget because you can end up being frustrated. To make your sales and your business grow you have to put your name on customers' faces repeatedly through a clear strategic focus. If your team and your budget are small, trying to spread your message in a single large market will be a worthless exercise.

That does not mean you should avoid big markets. The way to profit when there are many customers and many competitors is to turn the big market into small, creating segments. Focus your marketing efforts on one or two of these segments.

If you belong to a minority group, for example, try to focus your marketing efforts on that minority group. Look for associations, catalogs, or send directly to people in your target audience. If possible, include something in your ads that will make your prospects aware that you have what they need, and make sure any image that appears in your marketing material portrays your audience. If you send something to a northeastern woman of 55 for years, your advertisement may not have the expected effect if you put a woman of 35 for years that does not appear to be northeastern in your ad.

To illustrate even better what it is to create smaller segments, let's imagine that you sell a product for young people. If your company adopts the strategy of selling to young people who are in elementary school and who like to stroll in the malls at the weekend, the universe of target customers will already be smaller. Although they seem simple features, they are enough for you to have created a segment, enabling a more accurate and less costly communication and sales strategy.

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  1. Hello,

    I liked, on this tip ref to opt for a segment only.
    I'm starting a small consulting business.
    I have followed her tips. This is going well. One step at a time. But each step is safe and secure. I will not have to go back. I tried for small entrepreneurs and micro companies. Because I realized that besides not having information, they feel insecure to seek a bigger consultancy. They know where to look, which is free. But they still do not know what to say. I got an opportunity.
    Luzia Sant'anna / RJ


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