How can SEO help my business?

How can SEO help my business?
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Having presence on the Internet has many advantages for any business. These include the potential to reach more potential customers, increase sales and save on promotion. But how do you get your small or medium-sized business to take advantage of these benefits.

The main thing is to have a plan and defined digital marketing strategies. Within the tactics you apply you should not ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in English: search engine optimization.

SEO is the set of actions that you apply on the site and beyond, to increase your visibility and be able to position yourself in the results of the search engines. They are tactics that are used for crawlers to find the web. In this way, they identify themselves as they are, tailor it and give it a position on the results page.

When applying a Proper SEO Strategy Business Benefits From More Organic Visits. It improves branding and increases the credibility of the business. It also favors conversions. Although, in principle, not all visits are converted into sales, there are more chances of getting customers.

SEO is dynamic and constantly evolving. Roughly, the strategy includes link generation, mobile optimization, quality content, and technical aspects such as loading speed. These are some aspects to take care of, but not all. And the way in which these apply changes, so you have to keep up to date.

Misusing these strategies or abusing web optimization will result in poor positioning or fines.

SEO Optimization Features

When applying an SEO strategy, if it seeks the site to appear in the top places of the search engines like Google, Bing or others. Until that happens, you have to have patience, be constant and be up to date with the workings of the search engines.

And it is that SEO takes time, no place to position from one day to the next in the top places of the search. This happens only when it comes to news sites or before a very significant fact. Therefore, you will have to wait months, sometimes more than a year, to position your site.

This does not mean that you should leave the optimization in the background. Instead, you have to work until you achieve your goal, even if it means changing the strategy. The advantage is that once you reach the first positions, it will be easier to stay there. The results are slow to arrive, but they are long lasting.

Being well positioned enhances online business reputation. It is an indication that the site is useful and offers what users are looking for.

And all of this is done with a lower investment than other promotion strategies. However, it is not free as many do think. Investing in factors such as content creation, web maintenance, etc., in the long run, this investment is more profitable than the traditional promotion.

There are people who confuse the term SEO with SEM. These are two distinct strategies. The difference is that in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) they pay for the advertisements that come out in the search engines. The results are immediate and the more specific targeting, however, is less resilient.

How can SEO help my business?

We can summarize the features of SEO like this:

  • It requires daily work but the results are long term.
  • Achieve constant business promotion.
  • Improves site usability.
  • The results remain in time.
  • There is no need to invest money in advertising in the search engine.

Importance of search engine optimization
If you still wonder what the SEO serves for it can be summed up in that it is a tool to promote your website. Just like the products and services offered on the site. Applying a relevant strategy will allow users to find themselves faster. In addition, you will be able to provide accurate content and information, according to your interests.

A well positioned business will be more competitive. Nowadays consumers use the Internet to search for information about local businesses, products and services. And over 90% of experiences on the Internet start in search engines according to In addition, 80% of searches are done on Google.

Sites represent 46% of total searches done on Google. And 18% of local searches end up on a purchase within 24 following hours.

So for local businesses it's critical to know how to position yourself on Google to take advantage of these advantages.

Now that you know what SEO is and its importance, plunge into its benefits and how it helps businesses.

1. Improves brand visibility and awareness

A key part of SEO are the keywords. That is, the terms that you want to position on Google or any other search engine. Choosing the right keywords, focused on niches, what you're going for will make more people find each other.

In other words, improve the visibility of your web page. Keywords should be related to your business, with the products and services you offer. Do not limit yourself to the main keyword, have one for each page you want to position and search for synonyms that can replace them.

When a user searches the Internet he does not do it just for a term. Most likely, you'll change your search parameters multiple times. So using specific synonyms and terms will give you the opportunity to position yourself.

When you appear on the results page, the user will be aware of your brand. Timely information and quality content will make you bond in your memory.

2. Increases the credibility of your business

Being in the top spots of Google or any search is a sign of confidence. Getting there means that the search engine thinks your site is relevant and that it delivers valuable content to users.

So anyone who sees your site in the top ten places it's a trusted source. In addition, few users will go beyond the first page of results for information.

75% sees only the first page of results, according to the Search Engine Journal.

3. Achieve quality traffic

The SEO and attract qualified traffic to your website. With these techniques you're looking to reach people who are interested in your products or services, in order to increase conversions. This can by targeting users and optimizing keeping in mind for your buyer person.

Choosing the right keywords is key to getting quality traffic. It should be noted that not all visits will be converted into conversions. But as more people get onto the web, more chances are they'll sell more, earn more downloads, subscriptions, or whatever their goal.

4. It is a long-term strategy

As mentioned, no site is positioned overnight. In contrast, when you apply an SEO strategy, the results are more lasting in time. This sets it apart from other campaign types that are only temporary.

It is worth devoting you the time required to plan and execute the SEO strategy. Because once you positions you will only have to keep between the top places. If you have questions about how to craft a strategy, you can contact us and request a free quote.

5. Improves web usability

Web optimization is made up of external and internal factors. This last group includes the actions that are taken within the site to improve the positioning. It is also known as on-page SEO.

On-page SEO actions apply not only to facilitate the crawling of pages by search engine robots. But also facilitate the navigation of users through pages, that is, improve the usability of the site.

To do this, you must pay attention to the design and architecture of the page. So that the visitor finds what they are looking for in a few clicks. The web upload time should be shortened and a network of internal links should be created to facilitate navigation.

6. SEO is a profitable strategy

We have already mentioned that SEO is not free, but it does require a certain investment. But in return the benefits are greater than those you get with other digital marketing industry. The return on investment from SEO is much higher than traditional advertising.

This strategy allows you to reach people who have an interest in your product or service in an organic way. When you identify your target audience, take action to attract it, convert it into a customer, and then create loyalty.

In addition, you have the opportunity to identify new niche markets. Therefore, to develop new business ideas.

7. Enables better understanding of customers

To know whether your strategy is working or not, you have to analyze the results. This lets you know which changes to apply and also better know the users who visit your site.

Use the online tools to do this analysis. Google Analytics is one of the most used, is free and offers valuable information about the visits. It gets data about the audience, their behavior on the site, and conversions.

Among the information you can get is the place from which to connect the devices they use, the time and days they are most active, the pages they visit, etc.

Tips for Applying SEO in Your Business

To finish, we give you some SEO tips that will give you an idea of ​​the actions to apply on your site:

  • Publish content that is related to your business keywords. Uses expressions in a natural way in texts.
  • Bet on specific keywords, especially if you have a local business. For example, if you have a travel agency instead of using "trip to Barcelona", use "best places to visit in Barceloona in the summer".
  • Sign up for Google My Business. It's another action that favors local businesses, since it allows you to add your location with Google Maps and improve your positioning.
  • Optimize the web for mobile devices. Each time users navigate more of the mobile and Google also gives greater relevance to optimized sites. Take a mobile optimization test for your site.
  • Create quality content that adds value to users. This will make people see you as a source of trust and research will reward you with better positioning.
  • Creates a link building strategy on and off the web. Seek that other authority sites in your niche link to yours and grow your own authority.

Do you have clear how SEO can help in large, medium and small businesses? Get started with already positioning strategies on your site, you can speed up the process by making a seo course.

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