Tips For Your Business Get Well On Black Friday

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Black Friday is a tradition that began in the United States and is designed for shopkeepers to empty their inventory to make room for Christmas items. Eventually the day of promotions ended up arriving here in Brazil, although it was known as Black Fraude because great virtual retailers ended up increasing the price of the products days before Black Friday and then lowering their prices, giving a "false discount" that left a lot people dissatisfied.

Nowadays, with increasingly intelligent and demanding customers, these bad practices have been abandoned and the Brazilian consumer is already more accustomed to expecting good offers on Black Friday. Thinking about helping our customers, we've separated some tips on how you can make the most of the date, even if you have not prepared yourself yet.

1 Tip - Analyze your Stock

Before we start talking about promotions and offers it is important to understand the current situation of your stock. It's no use filling your store with low prices if you will not have stock to meet the demand. If you do not have good inventory control you may end up running out of products for Black Friday promotions and you may not even be able to restock your products for Christmas. Therefore, be careful with the turnover levels of your Inventory.


Do not forget that stopped merchandise is loss and that Black Friday exists just to clear the stock, so make joint sales of products with little outlet with products of much output. Making good product kits with stranded products is a strategy that some clothing stores usually do at this time of year: Buy 1 shirt and take the second for half the price, for example.

2 Tip - Be honest with your customers

This is a point I always like to put in my posts with tips here from LUZ and is a tip that can never be missed: Do not try to deceive or harm your customers and be as sincere and transparent as possible. If in any way your customer may be hurt by your promotions, let him know.

A good example of this is delivery dates: On the last Black Friday several internet retailers sold several products with high discounts but, at the time of closing the orders (and only there) were warned of the highest delivery time. Both on the product page and in the shopping cart the sites indicated a shorter deadline than the one stipulated when closing the order. A lot of people did not see the difference and ended up buying with that longer term. Now imagine the scene: many customers take advantage of Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts, but orders placed on the date were only delivered in January. Ever thought buying a Christmas gift did not arrive? Ball out!

sad santa

Another problem is if you sell products where the stock is not in the store and the products are delivered directly to the customer (mattresses, furniture, some electronics, etc.): Take care of your stock level. Do not forget that demand is greater that day and do not end up selling product that you do not have or that will still be done, and can delay delivery. Do not forget it's the end of the year and, as in the case above, do not ruin anyone's party!

3 Tip - Tell who already bought with you

If there is one thing I like and I'm sure you're also getting a unique discount from some store where you've already bought it. You already know the product, you already know how the customer service of the store works and still get a discount? Nothing better than that!


For those who have a CRM it's easy to do this kind of action: Just call your customers a few days before Black Friday and tell them that the store will get a discount exclusive to it. If you do not have time to call, no problem: You can send an email notifying the promotion. If you do not have this type of customer registration, it's never too late to start (and we have a Spreadsheet that can help you with this, Click here to learn more)!

An important point: Even if you make promotions for people who are not yet your customers, be sure to do something special for those who have already bought with you. Faithfulness often begins with such small actions.

4 Tip - Advertise your Black Friday promotions

It's no use just telling your salespeople that discounts will happen and waiting for people to come into your store. You have to announce that you have Black Friday promotions. And you do not need a lot of money to do this, actually with little money you can:

1) Buy a Flipchart or a Blackboard and put it in front of your store. So you do not need to spend money on flyer or folder. Just write some flashy text talking about promotions and put the easel on the door of your store. So you already catch the attention of interested people who are passing in the street.


2) Ask your customers to talk about your promotion. With this you get the best of ads, word of mouth. You can also give exclusive discounts to your customers and the people they refer to, for example.

3) If you already have a presence on Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, do not forget to warn your tanners / followers in those networks. Let me know a few days before and do not forget to also post on Black Friday.

5 Tip - Who provides services can also participate

Although Black Friday has become famous because of product sales, you who provide services can also take advantage of the date. Call your customers and offer exclusive deals, such as sales of more than one discounted service.

You can also resume contact with potential stakeholders in your service who did not close deals at the time of the deal. A discount on an old proposal can help you close new contracts!

And even you providing services do not have stock do not forget that you will need to keep all business closed. Then study your schedule and see if you can accomplish all that you are promising to all customers!

These are our Tips for you to enjoy Black Friday better. Do not forget to take pictures and send them here in our comments, or through Facebook or Twitter, how you used these tips and took advantage of Black Friday to sell more!

To the next!

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