After all, what does a Human Resources professional do?

What human resources does
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Introduction to Human Resource Management

industrial revolution - human resources

The concept of human resource Management emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution. At that time, conflicts were common between the bourgeoisie and the countless workers. In this sense, the HR professional arises with the responsibility of minimizing the conflicts between the parties, establishing a dialogue, which meant listening to what the factories wanted and what the workers craved.

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Over the years, the profession was directed and, in the second half of the twentieth century, labor laws in force was called the Personnel Administration. In this way, the role of Human Resources was no longer that of an intermediary of conflicts, but of an administrator of workers.

From then on, and with the approach of the new century, there could be no more distance; organizations knew they could not deal with the abstract character of the situation; the position does not exist if the person does not exist to occupy it. The world evolves, companies grow, they become big, multinational, and so employees are no longer passive agents, but active professionals with a capacity for creativity and creativity.

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These days, what does Human Resources do?

The Human Resources professional is responsible for people management within an organization. It is he who, at the same time, will harmonize and delineate personal relationships, as will he himself. responsible for coordinating, selecting and guiding employees. Thus contributing, both to the organizations' purposes as with the well-being of employees.

What does the human resources professional do?

The Human Resources professional coordinates, according to Chiavenato, the way people behave, decide, act, work, execute, improve their activities, take care of customers and touch business.

The Human Resources department of an organization tends to make an effective return to the company when it comes to hiring staff. This means that it is up to the professional to minimize and / or reduce financial or personal risks, since it is Human Resources that will combine the individual needs of people with those of the company.

There are eleven Human Resources Administration requirements, according to Chiavenato:

  1. Job description and job description and modeling;
  2. Recruitment and selection of personnel and admission of selected candidates;
  3. Guidance and integration of new employees;
  4. Administration of positions and salaries;
  5. Salary incentives and social benefits;
  6. Evaluation of people's performance;
  7. Communication to employees;
  8. Training and development of people;
  9. Organizational development;
  10. Hygiene, safety and quality of life at work;
  11. Relations with employees and union relations.

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In short, HR's main mission is the development of people, from recruitment and selection to the end of their business cycles. So that the company can seize the maximum potential of each one based on its culture and its goals.

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  1. Very illuminating article. The market is increasingly competitive, the professional that will act in strategic actions will have more results and career success. As described in the article, there are several subsystems to allow better exploration of this area, such as: recruitment and selection; benefits and remuneration; training and development, processes (personal department), among others.


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