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When it comes to selling more, there is no entrepreneur or manager who is not interested in learning a little more than how to increase the company's revenues. In this sense, it is important to have a well-structured sales strategy, with a good knowledge about the sales funnel of the business and about which are the steps with greater index of success.

With this in mind, it is worth thinking about strategies that allow the increase of sales and, consequently, of the company's billing.

Types of Sales Strategy

The main 3 incremental strategies that can help you in the process of making more profit are:

  • Sale Additional - Upsell
  • Cross Selling - Cross Sell
  • Consulting Sales

1. Additional Sales - Upsell

Upselling is a sales strategy that consists of offering an additional item or even a complementary product to the product or service your customer is buying.

sales strategies - upsell - increase billing

In the image above we can see a big example of an additional sale (upsell) that many fast foods use. When buying a promotion with all the average items, you get the offer if you do not want a big potato paying a little more. I do not know, but I always accepted ...

If we leave the gastronomic world you will remember large retailers offering insurance or guarantees on purchases of appliances, for an extra amount at the time of purchase. It's exactly the upselling strategy coming into practice in an automated way in ecommerce. Anyway, there are a multitude of applications and the question you have to ask yourself is exactly what you can offer the most that increases the value of your offer and has a small additional cost to your client.

In the case of LUZ, we already made offers of spreadsheets where the client could choose to pay an extra value to have an hour of class on the use of the spreadsheet.

2. Cross Selling - Cross Sell

Cross selling, unlike upsell, is a technique that aims to offer complementary products or services from a first purchase or demonstration of interest of a client. If you are in a store, you must have noticed the saleswoman offering a shirt to accompany the shorts you are buying or another piece of clothing that complements the item that interested you.

married sale - how to increase the average ticket - cross sales

In the digital world the process is not much different. In an ecommerce like LUZ, within the page of a product you will find the automatic offer of other tools that may interest you. See the example above on the purchase page of our business plan sheet.

3. Consulting Sales

The advisory sales strategy is the process of acting as a "consultant" in order to meet the needs of a particular customer. This type of technique is very common in cases of very complex products or with very high added value.

Instead of having a salesperson with goals that are purely for sales, your company will have a consultant who will understand all the customer's needs, find the best solution for them, and frame the services or products of your business within that scope.

sales strategy - consultative sale

It is not easy to find vendors who have the necessary technical expertise and the ability to engage the customer, but you can build a team that specializes in this sales strategy as long as it has some knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding the Sales Funnel Process - know what the critical steps are and what to do in them
  • Ability to diagnose the situation of clients - understand what the customer needs
  • In-depth knowledge of the product or service - Explain the benefits the client needs to have
  • Customer conviction and direction - close the sale and let the customer satisfied

The Essence of Sales Strategy

Knowing the sales strategies you can use, it is worth remembering that this sales process is much more than trying to get everyone to buy from you, is to find out who your best buyer is (target audience) and work up his. Let's see two examples of what I'm talking about:

  • Hubspot

For those who do not know, Hubspot is an Inbound Marketing and Sales software that, in a summarized way, allows you to follow the actions and activities that your customers are performing on your site to, from that activity, send emails and automated messages.

Now let's assume you want to identify who your best customers are. For this it is necessary to have an automated system of classification of these actions and the name of this process is lead scoring. Basically, for every action of your client, you have a score and when a customer reaches a score determined by the company, it is considered that he is "on point" to be addressed.

  • CRM

Another good example is the use of a system or CRM worksheet to understand what are the preferences and interests of your customers who buy most. It is not a very complex process when using the right tool, since you only have to filter the essential information and analyze which are the best customers.

This way you can improve your sales conversion rate by excellent contact.

Spreadsheets to help your business's sales strategy

If you are looking for tools to improve your sales area, I suggest you get to know the 4 our sales package spreadsheets, as well as being a complete solution for this area, will help you control negotiations, customers and sales in a general way

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