What is a logo?

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Logo is what we commonly call the visual representation of a company. Although in some cases this also applies to advertising campaigns or even event. Another widely used synonym is logo.

However, some argue that the right term is logo and not logo because this would have been something created by language vices and does not correctly define what it would be, generating confusion with the concept of brand that is broader.

Why Have a Logo / Logo?

The logo is part of the set of attributes that represent a company and aims to synthesize its values ​​and make the customer's recognition and remembrance faster. It is a component of the visual identity and branding of a company.

Therefore, this is a job that must be made more and more professional the more crowded the market is! Normally, when creating a logo you will have to have decided the name of the business, its predominant colors and, most of the time, a graphic element that best represents the product / service!

Different Types of Logo / Logo

When choosing the logo of your business, you will have some general options already used in the market and should see the one that best fits your type of company.

1. Textile Logos: are those that only have text. Some classic examples are Zara, Google or Subway.


2. Symbolic Logos: are those that only have a graphic image. Some classic examples are Nike, Apple or Twitter.

nike-symbolic logotype

3. Initials logo: are those that although they are textual, use only the initials of a greater term. Some classic examples are SBT, CBN or GNT.


4. Logo with Symbols and Text: are those that integrate the two great strategies and demonstrate both the name of the business and the visual representation. Some classic examples are Casas Bahia, Ricardo Eletro or Itaú.


Enjoyed the post? Can you understand what a logo is and how it impacts your business? Leave your doubts and experiences in the comments!

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