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How to Build a Bakery

How to Build a Bakery

Bakeries are usually small businesses that produce and market bread and other baked goods, such as sweets, cakes, salads and cookies. Today,...
How to Build a Coffee Shop

How to Build a Cafeteria?

What is a Diner? A snack bar is a commercial establishment whose main product is quick meals or snacks, served at any time of your ...
How to Build a Bicycle Workshop

How to Build a Bicycle Workshop

The bike has already been over a century and a half of history and has never been so current. It is the most democratic means of transport ...
The importance of having good service

The importance of good service

Recent studies and research have proven what most of us, both as customers and as companies, claim to be: one of the tools of ...
Mark-up: What it is and how to calculate

Mark-up: What it is and how to calculate

Perhaps one of the most challenging steps when opening a new business or evaluating the strategies of an enterprise already in operation is ...

How to Set Up a Beauty Salon

What is a beauty salon A beauty salon is a commercial establishment that offers cosmetic treatments aimed at the beautification and ...
Chess and Entrepreneurship - LUZ Entrepreneurial Generation

Conflict Management: What It Is and How to Apply

  When we bring together two or more people in the same environment, conflicts can arise, for different reasons, whether due to divergence of opinions, behavior, ...