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Daniel has been working in business management since 2002, when he began his career at the PUC-Rio Incubator. With passages by IBM and Assespro-RJ, it has always been linked to new technologies and business models. Daniel is the founder and CEO of LUZ.
5 Presentation Templates that every Marketing Professional needs to have

5 Presentation Templates that every Marketing Professional needs to have

Working in the marketing area means devising strategies, goals and plans constantly to conquer an increasing market share for your company. All ...
7 signs that you are a fast learner

7 Signs That You're a Quick Apprentice

We're in the age of self-taught. The weight of academic knowledge is steadily decreasing due to its increasing availability in terms of access. In...
how to succeed at a startup

How to succeed with a startup?

Startup is a type of company created for rapid growth. Because of this feature, it is fashionable among entrepreneurs and investors. A Serie...
How to Sell Anything?

How to Sell Anything?

Today's infographic shows simple tips to be used in any sales process, especially in complex sales, in which the cycle of ...
how to be wise as an entrepreneur

How to be wise as an Entrepreneur?

  This infographic shows, from phrases by famous entrepreneurs, how to be a wiser businessman. See also: what is entrepreneurship? To use this infographic on ...
How to create anything

How to Create Anything

The purpose of this infographic is to break the image that it takes a creative genius to create anything. Creation doesn't start from ...
It's never too late to start a business.

It's never too late to start

The purpose of this infographic is to break the fallacy that one should start a business early or it is better not to start at all. The empirical example shows ...
infographic - fail or be a failure

The difference between failing and being a failure

This infographic shows the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and a non-entrepreneurial mindset. In the first case, we see a person who knows what obstacles are ...
benchmarking what and how to do

Benchmarking: What It Is and How To

Benchmarking is a methodology used to compare the processes and performance metrics of a business with the best practices of the market or ...