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Daniel has been working in business management since 2002, when he began his career at the PUC-Rio Incubator. With passages by IBM and Assespro-RJ, it has always been linked to new technologies and business models. Daniel is the founder and CEO of LUZ.
sales funnel

Sales Funnel, what is it, its steps and how to optimize?

A sales funnel is a graphical representation of the negotiation steps that your prospects, leads and customers go through to close the contract ....

Business Negotiation, do not let yourself be knocked over

Getting a company to use its products or services can only be half of your job. Before that, you will have to negotiate the ...
service marketing

Service Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things about service marketing is that you get more customers if you find a way to make your services more ...
Make Your Business Look Bigger

Make Your Business Look Bigger Than It Is

Large companies have a person responsible for each area: sales, press relations, finance, support, etc. You can pass an image of being ...

Promote your business in partnership

You can expand your business by partnering with companies in other areas or sectors to promote your products and services together. Recently, a ...
Financial Consulting - Analysis Meetings

The LUZ Consulting and its Transformation in LUZ Sheets

Created in 2005, LUZ Consultoria was the result of the experience inside one of the most renowned business incubators in the country - Gênesis da ...