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Carioca, almost using free public transport and incredibly passionate about joining new technologies and sharing. I have a great time working as an engineer specialized in management, contracts and building and public works. I expanded my vision by dedicating myself to the 3rd sector, "pro-bono" and also to management and marketing, acquiring constant knowledge. I produce / review content for blogs, websites and webinars of small companies and MEIs.
stop writing

Want to write better? So stop now!

Shoot the first stone who does not want Very hard not to appear in front of you a need to write.
Give up. You can also

Give up. You can also

Does the possibility of giving up appear inside your head? You can confess that we are here alone ...

Waiting to consume makes wealth come closer

Consumer impulses are often seductive. Waiting a little bit to consume can make a difference and move away from or closer to a more financial condition ...
Budget is not accompanied ... So, what to do?

Budget does not accompany ... So, what to do?

Keeping the tone of the last posts, we agreed to treat a crucible more than budget, remember? It doesn't hurt ... we don't even remember what ...
Budget - Real x Planned

Budget? Have some tips here, enjoy!

We have dealt in the last posts with the importance of planning and knowing goals to get somewhere, with more chances of ...
Let the life take me or I go where I want?

Let the life take me or I go where I want?

The attitude of leaving everything to the taste of events is much easier, as in the popular song so famous. The pleasant fact of not having ...
Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

By Dilma Balbi. Some subjects are more thorny than others for most of us. And among the collection of thorns, the relationship with ...
PDCA to Improve Processes

PDCA more than a methodology, a true anti-flame vest

By Dilma Balbi. Living in the rush of urgencies, the feeling of always putting out fire is constant. A span of the tongue sticking out, wheezing, shallow ...