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Diogo Albrecht is a Co-Founder and CEO of the Site Agency ( In the market since 2002, today reaches the mark of 16.000 customers served. Diogo created one of the first search engines, until Google arrived in Brazil. Zarp eventually became a group, acting as Hosting Provider, Digital Security and Full Service Digital Agency. Site Agency is the brand responsible for services of Visual Identity, Web Development and Digital Marketing, yielding great projects, good results and many coffees.
Digital Marketing Tips To Turn The Game On Your Business

5 Digital Marketing Practical Tips Capable of Turning the Game

The internet offers multiple ways to attract customers. Even so, there are those who feel lost in the midst of so much information, without understanding it ...
3 Alerts Not to Sink Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Alerts Not to Sink Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It's no use investing in creating websites with no effort in disclosure. The question is: what should be considered to get a disclosure ...
inbound or outbound marketing - how to choose?

Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing: How to Choose?

Article written by LUZ columnist Diogo Albrecht, CEO of the Site Agency. One question: What would you do if you realized that your business ...