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Fernando Aarão Melo

I am an administrator specializing in finance with experience as an entrepreneur, university professor, consultant and coach. More than 20 years working with entrepreneurs, students, people and couples in search of better financial life and as a volunteer in schools teaching financial education. Money may not be the most important, but it is essential to have quality of life, make dreams come true and promote the growth of companies. My life mission is to raise awareness, educate and motivate entrepreneurs, young people and professionals to achieve professional and financial success by defining with them the skills to develop necessary for better results and how to use personal power to enhance these results
financial coaching

Financial Life Coach: A Great Professional Opportunity

Coaching is a human development process that involves the professional coach and his client who will go through the process, called coachee. O...

The Secret of Personal Financial Planning Success

Personal financial planning is done for 1 year of your life and makes you organize today with a focus on the future, defining how much money ...