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Administrator and turismologist, passionate about the possibilities that Excel gives to managers, entrepreneurs and students. He is the managing partner of the spreadsheet department at LUZ - Spreadsheets (luz.vc) and is responsible for the development of spreadsheets with business and personal focus commercialized in its website. He also teaches online Excel courses (cursos.luz.vc) and likes to help thousands of planners through the LUZ Forum and Blog.
The 5 pillars of people management

The 5 pillars of people management

People management is the set of strategies employed by companies to develop their human capital. Human Resources actions are carried out since ...
33 ways to view ideas

33 Ways to View Ideas

Whenever I prepare a powerpoint presentation or a pitch for investors, I think of the best ways to graphically display my ideas ....

Ready-to-use Power Point Themes

Every time someone is going to start a new powerpoint presentation comes that simple question: which slides do you use to get the best result? Sometimes,...

Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

I've already talked about other posts as you can use Power Point to make all kinds of slides from product presentations ...
product-specific-product presentation1

Product presentation in ppt: how-to tips

When we are talking about presenting products or services there are a multitude of ways to do this. Just so you have a ...

PPT to PDF: how to convert

Ppt (or pptx) is the extension used by Power Point for your files. This is a great tool to create slides ready ...

Free image banks for your presentation in ppt

This post is dedicated for those who want good indications of free stock images. With them, it will be possible to make presentations in ppt or keynote with images ...

Power Point presentation: how-to tips

If you have a serious and minimally organized business, you are concerned about whether you are achieving your goals. One of the best way to do ...
Presentation of strategic plan in ppt: tips on how to do

Presentation of strategic plan in ppt: tips on how to do

I believe that the presentation of a strategic plan is one of the 10 most important slide templates for companies. If you're doing your planning, it's worth ...