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keyboard shortcut - print preview - vba to view print

How to Make a Macro to Print Preview

There are a few simple ways you can visualize exactly what you want to print in Excel. Let's see the 3 main ways to print a spreadsheet ...
Create a histogram in Excel

Create a histogram in Excel

Through a histogram it is possible to graph a frequency distribution of a given measurement. So, you are able to understand determining process as well ...
How to use the Transpose function in Excel

How to use the Transpose function in Excel

It is known that Excel has numerous features ready to make life easier for users on many occasions. But without the knowledge of some options ...
How to create automatic calculations in Excel

How to create automatic calculations in Excel

If you are introducing Excel in your company, or use it frequently, but usually fill it manually, we have two magic words that help a lot: ...
How to calculate percentage in Excel

How to calculate percentage in Excel

While some can do simple mathematical calculations of the head, many face difficulties when working with percentage. For both cases, Excel can be a ...
Subtraction Formula in Excel

Learn how to apply subtraction formulas in Excel

Excel has several tools that can and should be used to facilitate the day-to-day of your users, with it's activities ...
Indirect function in excel 2

Know 9 Excel formulas and what to do with them

Excel facilitates the day-to-day lives of many professionals by virtue of their ability to analyze data and expose results. However, who thinks that ...
How to do rounding in excel

How to do rounding in Excel

Excel is an excellent tool for performing calculations of all kinds. If you are a financial manager, for example, you can use it to calculate ...
financial mathematics in excel

Financial Mathematics in Excel

Financial mathematics has as purpose the analysis of financial data regarding the value of money over time and how it is applied to loans, investments and ...