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This category of the LUZ blog is exclusively dedicated to help you make great presentations! We know how good a presentation can boost a career. Have you ever thought that your next investor, mentor, client or employer might be present at your next smallest presentation? Why not make the template in ppt? Get all your questions about powerpoint, keynote and google presentations. Get tips on slideshow templates to shine at your upcoming meetings, lectures and / or jobs. See also some powerpoint themes.

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Business presentation in ppt: how-to tips

Company presentation: what content to use When we are talking about company presentation in power point, some questions may arise about what is the ideal content for ...
product-specific-product presentation1

Product presentation in ppt: how-to tips

When we are talking about presenting products or services there are a multitude of ways to do this. Just so you have a ...
Beautiful Slides Themes

Beautiful Slides Themes

LUZ, a specialist in tools to improve business management, has a PowerPoint themes website that can be used as templates ...

Free image banks for your presentation in ppt

This post is dedicated for those who want good indications of free stock images. With them, it will be possible to make presentations in ppt or keynote with images ...

10 slide templates to make presentations

Slide templates: how they can help you It is undeniable that in the daily life of any company it is necessary to make presentations with slide templates, whether for ...

PPT to PDF: how to convert

Ppt (or pptx) is the extension used by Power Point for your files. This is a great tool to create slides ready ...

Power point master slide: how to create, edit and use

Power Point should be the most used tool to make presentations in the world. Still we see a huge amount of users who do not know the slide ...

Power Point presentation: how-to tips

If you have a serious and minimally organized business, you are concerned about whether you are achieving your goals. One of the best way to do ...

Professional Power Point Presentation: How to

The power point has always been an excellent tool for lectures, meetings, classes and presentations in general. If you want to develop a company presentation ...
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