10 Tips for Increasing Productivity at Work

10 Tips for Increasing Productivity at Work
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According to one study conducted by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Brazil occupies the 50ª position in a ranking that measures the productivity in the work of 68 countries. This scenario is even more serious if we look at the last years: data released by the Uol Economia portal at 2017 reveal that the Brazil's productivity index is stagnant almost four decades ago.

Is this scenario true for your team as well? So it's certainly time to bring about change in your work environment. To help you with this, we've put together a list of the top tips to leverage your team's work productivity.

10 Tips for Increasing Productivity at Work

1) Define priorities

A prioritization of tasks is a key technique for delivering jobs that really will add value to the business, and not spend a lot of time on small tasks, the results of which will not impact anyone. Your team may not yet be mature enough to know which tasks to perform first, so it's up to you, as the area manager, to delegate priorities and sort a queue of tasks that need to be performed.

2) Motivate your team

The relationship between productivity and motivation is the subject of many studies among specialists in the field and the conclusion is always the same: lack of motivation is one of the main responsible for low productivity at work. Not for less. Imagine having to perform tasks that you are not at all motivated to do. Complicated, is not it?

In order for this scenario not to be the case for your company, you must adopt some practices to motivate your team, As:

  • Establish achievable goals.
  • Stipulate clear and concise objectives.
  • Be accessible.
  • Provide individual feedbacks with a certain frequency.
  • Offer rewards.

3) Adopt the kanban

O kanban is a visual system for task management. It is structured in cards, which are the tasks that need to be delivered, and in columns that represent the status of tasks (such as "doing" or "in approval").

This system is a great tool for productivity management, since it is possible to:

  • Delegate task managers, giving more clarity to team members when it comes to knowing what to do.
  • List the tasks in order of priority.
  • Track the quantity of deliveries per person.

If you want to know more about it, check out the webinar Further increase your team's productivity with Kanban.

4) Invest in training

Investing in training and capacity buildingIn addition to bringing greater engagement and motivation to staff members, it can also facilitate the execution of the day to day.

Imagine a collaborator who has been trained in the wrong way to do his or her job and therefore has to redo his or her tasks. Or a collaborator who does not know how to perform his tasks because he did not receive any type of training.

All of these factors can cause poor productivity at work and can be avoided through proper team training.

5) Optimize processes

A process optimization is to revisit the company's processes to adopt measures that increase the performance of these processes, that is, to improve day-to-day activities, making them faster, less risky and more efficient.

All this can help boost productivity at work, as time is optimized and the chances of rework are lower.

6) Improve the working environment

Problems like conflict and stress in the workplace can be disruptive and too much productivity, after all, it is very difficult to focus on a task when your emotions are altered.

Improvement in the work environment can help avoid situations like this, in addition to providing greater team unity.

7) Provide adequate infrastructure

Another factor that can directly impact the productivity of your team is the lack of an adequate infrastructure. Slow computers or lack of a good connection to the Internet, for example, can delay and much the execution of a task that seems simple at first glance.

It is therefore essential to ensure that all team members have the resources needed to carry out their work.

8) Control Distractions

Nowadays, with so many technological resources available, it is difficult to focus on work and only on work. It is very common to take that spy on social networks or even send personal messages during work hours, but believe me, even looking like a "spy", at the end of the day this can represent a significant part of the work hours.

To avoid this situation within your team, encourage adoption of some habits to help control time and other distractions, such as: stipulating a frequency to check personal messages (once every two hours is a good measure).

In addition, it is also very important to align the organizational culture with employees in order to pass the policies on the use of mobile devices.

9) Avoid procrastination

Procrastinating is the act of postponing tasks to be performed later. When there is a long delivery time or when the outcome of a task does not seem to affect many people, it is common to just leave it for later and find that this can be resolved later. However, in one form or another, these deadlines arrive.

To avoid procrastination in your work team, you can opt for some alternatives, such as: to assemble, together with your team, the following the tasks to be performed, starting at least pleasurable to be eliminated as soon as possible.

10) Adopt the Pomodoro Technique

Productivity problems can often be linked to focus on one task at a time, disconnecting from the external environment and other distractions. If this is the case for your team, you need to apply some time management technique, such as pomodoro.

The pomodoro technique is a method for time management which consists in dividing the time of a task into four blocks of twenty-five minutes, with intervals of five minutes each. The idea is that during this time the focus is only one task, and that the distractions are only accessed in the intervals.

To start using this technique you can count the time of the clock itself or use some online tool that has pomodoro technique.

I hope these tips are valuable to you and your team! Enjoy and watch the webinar too How to increase your company's productivity with 5w2h?, where we explain how to use the tool 5W2H to leverage the productivity of your team.

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