4 steps to implement Digital Marketing in your company

4 steps to implement Digital Marketing in your company
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The internet is the ideal place to reach millions of people with your message. But you
Do you know how to do this efficiently? The Digital Marketing It's the right strategy for you
help in this mission - it helps you define how, when and where to impact your audience and
conquer new customers.

Digital Marketing is the denomination of the practice that uses the main concepts of
marketing in the digital and online environment, with the goal of attracting new customers,
relationships with the target audience and add value to products and brands. This strategy
is entirely relevant in the current context. After all, research reveal that the Brazilian
passes, on average, nine hours a day connected to the internet. If your potential customers
are connected, the communication of your company should also be.

Communication in the Digital marketing ceasing to be a single path - from business to
public - and becomes a two-way street - the public has the capacity and tools to
to interact and respond to what is communicated to him. That is: besides sending the message
that you want your audience to receive, you need to monitor how that message goes.
be answered by the public. Consumers are increasingly able to
amplify their views on services and products they consume.

But Digital Marketing does not stand alone. Its main pillars are Inbound
Marketing, SEO and Content Marketing - strategies that complement it. Thus, this
set of practices is responsible for attracting potential customers, offering content that
the need for the public to acquire a product or service, to convert it into a
paying customers and maintaining customer relationships.

See in 4 steps how to use each of these pillars to develop your strategy
Digital Marketing.

1. Use Inbound Marketing to work the consumer

Inbound Marketing is the main pillar of Digital Marketing and aims to attract more people to the sales funnel. To do this, it relies on the consumer journey, which defines each of the stages that the public travels to become a paying customer. Each of these steps offers insights to develop a relationship with the public and to make it go forward in the journey, which is divided into:

  • Attraction: draw the attention of people who are interested in what your
    brand has to offer;
  • Conversion: Offer content in exchange for information from people you
  • Sell: Get in touch with the leads you've collected and offer exclusive offers for
    let them do business with your company;
  • Enchant: Offer the best relationship for your client and make it a
    the ambassador of your brand.

Each step of the consumer journey can be activated through content
relevant information. Which brings us to the next step.

2. Conquer your audience with Content Marketing

Offer content that your audience is looking for and it will come up to your brand. At the
digital environment, the easiest way to do this is by providing content that is
relevant to the group of people you want to reach. The ideal is to produce something that
the solution of a problem and, at the same time, educate you about the need to
purchase your product or service as part of that solution.

The research, production and distribution of this content for each of the stages of the journey
of the consumer, which we have seen previously, are tasks assigned to the Marketing team of
Content. It is also through it that we define the best content formats for
each channel of communication, the tone of voice of the brand, the channels to be explored,
other key points for the implementation of the strategy.

It is worth mentioning: the purpose of the content is to make the public recognize its brand
as a solution to the problems he may have, causing him to return
more often to your digital environment. Thus, he will see value in his service and, sooner or later,
you become a customer.

3. Gain visibility with SEO strategy

SEO is the acronym, in English, for the term Search Engine Optimization - that, in Portuguese,
means search engine optimization. This strategy consists of a set of
best practices to be followed on digital platforms, which
chances of good indexing on search engines - especially Google. This means
appear among the first results on a search page.

Good SEO practices range from building the text you provide in your
platforms to the development of the platform itself. In practical terms, SEO is a
good ally of Content Marketing because it is he who often directs content
to be developed, with the help of keywords that are sought by the public that
you want to achieve.

4. Choose the Right Content Marketing Tools

Social networks are undoubtedly the main tools for implementing the strategy
of Digital Marketing. After all, they are the ones that have the greatest amount of user access
on the Internet. In addition, a social network is the perfect environment for a brand
approaching the audience, causing it to interact with the content created by their

The objective of each social network must be carefully examined and the best
your business. Facebook, for example, has become a social network aimed at
video propagation; if your company does not intend to work with this type of
content, it does not make sense to create an account on the platform.

In addition to social networking, blogging is a crucial tool for SEO strategy to
right. It is through it that you must deliver relevant content to the public that
want to achieve. As we have already mentioned, a good SEO strategy is designed to
deliver relevant content and platforms responsive to user needs.

Work content on blogs, in addition to making your company an authority on the subject
a good indexing for your site / blog in the results of
searches such as Google. If someone is searching for a subject that you have already been
published on your blog, and your SEO strategy was successfully crafted, the chances
to appear in Google's first results - and create a first contact with the customer - are giants.

Blogs and social networks are also responsible for bringing leads to your company as well
such as landing pages. Leads are potential customer contacts that leave your
information (such as e-mail, telephone, among others) in exchange for some content or benefit.

Already the landing pages are the pages or domains where this exchange happens; the client
fills in a form and gains access to download or watch content.
If you have convinced yourself that Digital Marketing is the missing strategy for your business
take off? So it's time to access here an indication of key courses on
subject matter. Dig deeper into the subject, develop your own Digital Marketing Plan and
Bring more visibility and profit to your company!


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  1. incredible with nowadays a company that doesn’t have a good marketing, can’t grow, especially if it’s for sales.

  2. digital marketing today is the biggest means of communication and nowadays a company that has no marketing cannot reach a large number of people


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