5 Digital Marketing Practical Tips Capable of Turning the Game

Digital Marketing Tips To Turn The Game On Your Business
Digital Marketing Tips To Turn The Game On Your Business
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The internet offers multiple ways to attract customers. Even so, there are those who feel lost in the middle of so much information, without understanding in a practical way what they should do. 

If you are in this group, with no time to filter and execute what is necessary, this post was made for you. Check out 5 practical tips to oxygenate your sales using the digital marketing industry in your favor.

Digital Marketing Tip # 1

In the famous PPC world (ie the Pay per click), the Google Ads strategy fits like a glove for those who want results in the short term.

Impact who seeks your service through Google Ads

Making ads on Google is one of the most assertive ways to impact the customer who needs your service.

To advertise on Google, you can develop a website through a builder or hire a professional website creation.

Once the site is live, promote on Google through paid ads. Such ads will put your website at the top of searches for those who search using the keywords you sponsor.

If you don’t have time to learn to understand how the tool works, you can also hire a traffic manager who will structure your campaign on Google Ads.

Digital Marketing Tip # 2

Local businesses have a powerful asset: local research.

Register your Business (Free) in Local Searches

A free and efficient option is to register your business in local searches.

When a customer searches for a local service, Google displays the map considering the user's GPS and thus indicates the nearest commercial establishments geographically.

This opens up several opportunities, especially for businesses based in densely populated regions (or very close to regions).

Registration is simple, free and does not even require a website. Just fill in the data and Google will send a letter to the registered address with a PIN code.

Once the letter is received, just insert the code and that's it! Your business will appear on the Google map.

Digital Marketing Tip # 3

While we know that Facebook's reach has decreased, the artificial intelligence behind it remains more powerful than ever. Do you know how to take advantage of this?

Create a Facebook Page and Make Targeted Ads

Some professionals create a Facebook page and get no feedback. They believe that just posting enough content to attract customers.

The reality is that Facebook does not display your posts to everyone who follows your work unless you pay for it.

It is important to have a page fed, of course, but there is no use in an updated fanpage unless you also invest in ads to impact the public.

And, it is worth saying here, investing in ads is not just “boosting a post”. A well-structured ad means setting up a sales funnel through the Ad Manager.

This means planning strategic content and “tracking” who interacted with that content using Facebook's artificial intelligence (also known as Pixel). As you map your potential customers, then you have an audience formed to advertise your offer.

That is why I usually say that the power of Facebook can be much more in your “pixel” than in your likes.

Digital Marketing Tip # 4

If your business has a lot of traction on social media, how about building an audience and becoming an influencer?

Be a content producer on Instagram Stories

One of the most powerful tools on Instagram is the Novels + Stories.

A content posted on Stories stays on the air for only 24 hours, it is true. But during this period, it will be highlighted for your followers, allowing a much greater reach when compared to the feed.

The “lifespan” of content on Instagram is very short. So, a Instagram marketing strategy it demands a lot of attendance.

Of course, you can also opt for paid ads and increase the distribution of only the most strategic content, but if the intention is to grow organically, your efforts in this media will need a lot of discipline, creativity and involvement.

One tip is to create an editorial calendar, planning what you will publish throughout the month and use a post automation tool to keep your content scheduled.

If you want to go deeper and plan that how to create content for your Instagram, I indicate the publication of Neil Patel on his blog, a complete and didactic curatorship.

Digital Marketing Tip For Instagram
Neil Patel blog post covering the main aspects when creating content for Instagram

Tip # 5 - Create a YouTube channel for medium / long term

And, as a final tip, I want to suggest that you access your YouTube, do a survey with one of the main doubts your customers have and evaluate the results.

At that moment, I did a test using the term “how to whiten my teeth” and identified videos of 100 thousand, 300 thousand and even 900 thousand views. See how much opportunity for dentists.

Digital Marketing Tip: Using Youtube as a Traffic Strategy
Digital Marketing Tip: Using Youtube as a Traffic Strategy

O YouTube is one of the biggest searchers on the internet and, whoever overcomes the shyness of exposing themselves in a recording, has the possibility to reap great results.

Recording, editing, uploading and promoting is not easy nor does it yield immediate results (unless you sponsor, of course, a very well produced video and for the right audience).

However, thinking about a medium / long term strategy can be surprising.

Using your expertise and authority to educate your audience through a medium so present, that grows exponentially, is another way to diversify your marketing strategies.

Do I need to put everything into practice? What is the best option?

Instead of wanting to embrace the world and do everything at the same time, how about choosing a strategy that makes more sense for your reality and, as you consolidate it, diversify your marketing by contributing to new strategies?

The internet is also very dynamic and what works today may not have the same effect tomorrow. So act!

The tools are available and what differentiates those who are successful from those who suffer from vacancy is the attitude. Ready for change? Yes, I'm sure.

So, success on your journey!

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