5 methods to improve your home-office productivity

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See how you can improve your home office productivity with techniques and tools
that can be implemented in your routine.

The pandemic has changed the work scenario in the world and working from home has become something
normal, which before happened little.

About 46% of companies have adopted remote workhowever, 67% of them had
difficulty to implement this form of performance due to the form of communication,
difficulties in the IT area and in relation to employee behavior.

To overcome the problem, it was necessary to invest in technology and think of methods to
improve your home office productivity. For this, the professionals started to resort to
tools and tips that could help improve performance. See some of them.

1. Use management tools

To ensure that productivity is maintained, it is necessary to create means to monitor the
performance and being able to measure the results.

One of the methods to improve your home office productivity is to use Kanban, which, in this case, can be computerized and rely on technology. Kanbanize is able to translate this very efficient method for today and ensure the monitoring of production through Kanban tool in a simplified way.

Using a virtual wall, it allows cards to be placed according to the production stages and, in this way, the entire team is able to monitor, update and manage projects and productivity, ensuring that deadlines are met.

2. Plan the tasks

Planning tasks is essential and creating a daily schedule with what needs to be done and
establishing schedules will ensure that the schedule is keep productivity.

One of the methods to do this is to manage the time invested in each project. exist
tools that allow you to do this control and are turned on or off according to the
task being performed.

You can bet on an intensive day in which you dedicate yourself fully to work for a shorter period and thus produce more in less time.

3. Use the Pomodoro method

This is an excellent method for those who like to procrastinate or do not miss the opportunity to find an excuse to take a break. This method establishes defined working times with scheduled intervals.

For example, you can work 25 minutes and rest 5. By doing this, you will know when it is time to stop and when you should dedicate yourself exclusively to work.

4. Be methodical about the workplace

The environment in which you work can directly affect productivity at the end of the day. If he is disorganized and has a lot of distractions he will lose a lot of time.

The ideal is to have a quiet place to work, if possible with plenty of light. The desk must be organized with everything you need accessible and without things that can create a distraction.

Before you start working day and at the end of the day, make it a habit to organize the space, because that way it will always be ready for use.

5. Adopt the popcorn method

The name is related to the fact of jumping from one place of work to another, which
at first it may seem strange.

The idea is to divide your work routine into three large blocks and execute each one in a different location. It is possible to perform the first activity in the home room and, when that time is over, rest a little and move to the next place, taking the opportunity to relax and allow creativity to flow.

The next space can be a park or even your home's backyard. The possession
accommodate, start performing the tasks of the second block. Do the same thing for the third block, choosing a new location.

When you make these changes, you have the feeling that you are starting at that moment and with renewed energies, not to mention that resting between places allows you to relax.

Why invest in methods to improve your home office productivity?

Even if the company does not provide all the resources and methods to improve its
home office productivity, this initiative can come from the worker.

It is important to maintain productivity because it can guarantee your job vacancy, after all, companies always want good employees who can achieve their goals.

Even those who work for themselves need to worry about this factor because good productivity can be directly related to earnings. When it is produced intelligently, it is possible to increase profits.

Knowing how to invest in methods to improve your home office productivity, you can start using these techniques and check the results in no time.

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  1. Many good advice to face the workday at home and that is the same (the most) productive that the normal job post. Separate personal and work space and key to be able to cash in on the journey.

    Thanks for sharing!


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