How to Conduct an Organizational Climate Survey

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Why do: companies must be aware of creating environments that are conducive to improvements in both internal (all employees and internal sectors) and external (supplier, customer, and partner) relationships. That is, to evaluate the degree of satisfaction with the context surrounding them - and this is what is called the Organizational Climate.

Being aware of the organizational climate means being in constant search for internal improvements that influence the whole process and organizational results. It is like finding a balance between the expectations of the entrepreneurs and the expectations of the employees. Therefore, the application of a Climate Survey in addition to clearly demonstrating organizational problems, also points out its strengths, since it visualizes the real state perceived and lived by all there inserted. And what is more important, grounded scientifically and statistically.

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How to do Organizational Climate Research?

To conduct an Organizational Climate Survey it is necessary to follow some steps to apply this research. Below we will explain step by step using our Organizational Climate Research Worksheet as an example:

1. Preparation: In this first step it is important to make it clear that the purpose of the Survey is to obtain more accurate information about the problems to be focused, such as level of employee satisfaction or to understand the sets of conditions that the company guarantees for the employee.

2. Methodology and Research Plan: After understanding the purpose of the research it is time to formulate the questions - or hypotheses, sequence of actions to be followed, method of work, sampling, means of interpretation, etc. It is important to record all information to be collected, as in the example below. This image was made using our Worksheet that already comes with questions ready.

organizational climate survey3. Search Execution: data collect. At this time, it is important to have the support of some tool that collaborates with the methodology. It may be a physical questionnaire, but ideally it should be a spreadsheet because your work would be less in tabulation.

Then just copy and paste those results into the Matrix Worksheet so you can have the complete analyzes automatically generated.

organizational climate survey - data collection

However you can also pass the search manually and then consolidate into your own control tool. The important thing to note in this step is that you can choose to ask each employee or pass the survey with them even responding. Neither approach is wrong.

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4. Interpretation: It is at this stage that the research gains usefulness when analyzing the data. The numbers will help you understand exactly what is happening in terms of Organizational Climate in your business.

organizational climate survey - interpretation of results

Having the data in an easy-to-view format, to be compared with other results and previous research is an interesting alternative, so we advise you to use a Spreadsheet.

organizational climate survey - data tabulation5. Final report: All such research should generate a report with the main graphical views of this Survey and the main results and insights that can be drawn from this generated data. Using the data tabulated in a worksheet makes it easy to generate those views. Our Organizational Climate Research Worksheet generates an automated report, but you can make your own using this logic of demonstrating the data graphically.

organizational climate survey - final report

Of course, only climate research does not work miracles. In addition to requiring a skilled and experienced person to analyze the factors to be surveyed and in interpreting the results, one must be aware of other influencing aspects of the climate. As the process of recruitment and selection, for example, it should be highly focused on identifying people appropriate to its structure, mission, vision and organizational culture, helping to maintain the desired climate.

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Want to make this important survey more organized? At LUZ, we offer a model of organizational climate-ready worksheet which can help to follow the motivation of the employees!

Excel Spreadsheets



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