15 Indispensable Attitudes of Successful Sellers

Attitudes of Successful Sellers
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In these years working in sales, mainly in Complex SalesI have identified some attitudes that are common to Successful Sellers.

Here are some that I think are more relevant.

This article was written by the partner of LUZ Juracy Abbondanza, specialist in complex sales, responsible for Abbondanza Business Solutions.

1 - Successful Sellers Set Goals!

But goal every seller has !!! Correct ... but Successful Sellers are continually self-evaluating, measuring their performance and looking for ways to go further. They stipulate their own goals!

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2 - Successful sellers are not satisfied with the average!

They are always trying to overcome themselves, achieve corporate goals does not satisfy, you have to keep looking for more. In addition to the goals stipulated by the company they determine their personal goals, always bigger than the corporate ones.

3 - Successful Sellers Are Competitive!

In addition to exceeding the goals and going beyond the Successful Sellers seek to win the incentives, awards and promotions promoted by the company! Do not settle for second place!

Successful salespeople are competitive

4 - Successful Sellers seek to exceed customer expectations!

Do not just sell your product. That's not to say you won. Successful Vendor wants to make sure that your proposal can really answer the needs of the company beyond what is requested and bring personal benefits, as a promotion, to your interlocutor.

5 - Successful Sellers know the day to day of your customer!

For this study in detail the customer's business and identify their bottlenecks. So you can make smart suggestions, building trust and credibility.

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6 - Successful Sellers are passionate and proud of the profession they have!

They They love what they do.. They are proud when they are called the Salesman. And they demonstrate this in dedication to customers, in the development of good relationships, in the confidence with which they present their solutions, in the interest in knowing how the client's business is and in the respect to the competitor.

Successful Sellers - Love Mondays

7 - Successful Sellers live by ethical standards

In the difficult hours is that the successful seller makes a difference, acting ethically in decision making.

For a Successful Salesman, the evaluation parameter goes through the recognition of the mistakes made and the control of the chaos installed in the growth of problems that have occurred.

8 - Successful Sellers do not get hit with the word "No"!

Receiving a "no" shows that it takes a tactical change and eventually revise the selling strategy. The Successful Salesperson Will not Get Down, identifies the problem, listens and learns from the client's arguments. Search for alternatives to make change. The Successful Salesperson always understands “no” as "not now".

9 - Successful Sellers have the sales process totally under your control!

They apply the most appropriate and proven sales techniques to take complete control of the process. Without going over and underestimating any buying influence. There are several people involved and they know that to sell is basically a work of business management and people.

10 - Successful Sellers seek to be in the customer's focus!

Do not just be concerned about meeting customer expectations - This is having customer focus! It is important to measure how the customer perceives this service and how he understands the benefits received, both corporate and personal, so that the next time the name of the seller is the first to be remembered - this is being in the customer's focus!

11 - Successful Sellers Value Time!

They value the customer's own time and time. They plan every step of the way, optimize customer meetings, and keep an organized agenda where tasks are clearly defined.

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12 - Successful Sellers are not limited to the context of a presentation!

A presentation of your product / service should not be limited to features and use. Each presentation must be previously studied in order to show how your product / service will improve the customer's processes. In the presentation the successful salesperson should be thought-provoking and provoke discussions with the customer to make sure he is on the right track. Ideally, listen more than you speak!

13 - Successful Sellers Are Enthusiastic!

Whenever you talk about your product / service, the Successful Salesperson shows enthusiasm. It should also show security when exposing your proposal. This is critical if you succeed.

14 - Successful sellers are always evolving!

Successful salespeople live the now, enjoying every customer contact to listen, listen and listen. Without forgetting to plan the next steps, they take advantage of their experience to avoid making mistakes again.

successful salespeople - always evolvingThey know that what worked yesterday may not work today and it is need to study and recycle continuously to improve every sale!

15 - Successful Sellers Seek Excellence!

Finally, the big sellers seek the excellence to be able to attend every time better, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the client; develop the relationship to repeat business and have in each new business a market reference - word-of-mouth marketing!

This they can qualifying and applying techniques of sale and negotiation, identifying and working all the influences of buying, knowing to position and at every step should assess how the customer is seeing your solution.

customer prospecting worksheet

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