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Excel Spreadsheets

A long time ago a client of mine owned a building told me a phrase that I never forgot: "You never finish a work, you give up." Despite the joke, there is a great truth in this sentence. Doing a work, whether for your home or inside a civil construction company is always a challenge.

Works are expensive, time consuming, full of risks, suppliers and various materials. It is a madness that at times seems not to end. Therefore, there is a great search for tools that will help in the management of the budget of the work so that, despite the difficulties, you will not go bankrupt in the process.

As in LUZ we are experts in excel, after a great research and conversation with some clients that demanded this worksheet, we decided to develop it and, today, we launch in the site.

If you are interested in this type of worksheet / construction budget, I will detail below the resources that we insert into it to manage your costs!

1. General Information

In the first section of the worksheet, we group all the major entries you have to make to make your worksheet functional. They are:

a) Stages of the Work: Up to 10 steps already with our suggestions (Preliminary Services, Foundation and Slab, Fence, Coverage, Squares, Coatings, Hydraulic Installations, Electrical Installations, Painting and Ceramics)

b) Registration of Materials: Separating by unit of measure, quantity and price (auxiliary BDI table)
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c) Register of Labor: Type of professional with monthly hours and salary

d) Suppliers: Name, contact and service / product provided


2. Cost Worksheet

In the next section, you'll detail your costs for each of the previously defined steps. In each one of them, you will be able to list and define each material used (automatically pulling from the address book), as well as the workforce used, detailing the hours spent by each professional.



3. Consolidated Results

Then, the worksheet will compile all of your completed data for easy analysis. You will see:

a) Ranking of costs with and without DBI
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b) General Cost of the Work with Material and Labor

c) Total Analysis by Stage of the Work



4. Graphic Analysis

All the data and tables generated in the consolidated results tab are now transformed into graphs that facilitate and streamline your analysis and interpretation!



5. Report for Printing

Finally, the worksheet has an area already formatted for printing all of this data if you wanted to print to read in physical format or even lead to an internal or external meeting.

Did you like the worksheet? Visit the product page and download its free demo version to see all of these features in action!

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi look is that in my company we perform unit price analysis to present our tenders, but it has cost us quite a large amount to pass the quantities of the materials that we put there.
    Will there be any way with a table to total these amounts is a separate sheet?


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