How to use 2 coaching tools and improve your business management

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Two of the best coaching tools are widely used by people who like to keep their businesses organized and profitable, especially now that the home office is increasingly common.

If you continue reading here you can find out what they are and how to apply them correctly, come on?

1st Coaching Tool: Wheel of Life

A Wheel of Life is a Coaching tool that measures the satisfaction rate of people in important areas of personal or professional life.

It has the shape of a mandala, a circle that is composed of four important structuring triads, they are: Personal Scope, Professional Scope, Quality of Life and Relationships.

Each of these indicators has 3 essential foundations, totaling 12 areas analyzed within the four central points mentioned above.

With grades ranging from 1 to 10, with one being the minimum and ten being the maximum, the Wheel of Life is a powerful instrument of personal self-assessment and professional, because it allows you to analyze and classify each of these areas according to your current situation.

Based on this information, we can work to both raise and align your satisfaction levels.

2nd Tool: Mission and Purpose

The application of this tool by the coach is very important to help the coachee to define his desires and ambitions, in a clear and specific way.

Despite being considered a way to define purposes, it is still a tool for self-knowledge and motivation, since the coachee will be able to clearly see what he wants and what he set out to be in the future.

So he you can imagine yourself reaching your goals, which will certainly make you more motivated.

For example, many coaches today are increasing their customer base and managing to make money on the internet by using digital marketing strategies to apply the mission and purpose tool.

The moment the client sees more clearly what must be done to fulfill his mission and achieve his vision of the future, he will be able to trace a course of action more easily, in order to go through all the necessary steps until reaching the your desired state.

With whom to learn to apply the Coaching Tools?

Geronimo Theml today he is a successful master coach, known in Brazil as the coach of coaches, founder of IGT and creator of the Profissão Coach trainings, Academia da Productividade and professor / mentor of his formations in creative coaching.

But it wasn't always like this ... before I really lived off what I really love, which is to help transform people, I was a lawyer for the Union. His salary was over 20 thousand a month, he had stability, as well as most public positions.

However, this did not bring complete happiness. A given moment of the journey, tired of living without a purpose, made a professional qualification and fully identified in coaching, met his wife and decided to go on this path together.

Then they founded Full Ideias, a private company with the objective of encouraging people to get to know each other deeply through innovative methods based on coaching, NLP and other scientific fundamentals of transformation.

Since then, a lot has happened and currently Geronimo Theml is one of the most requested coaches in Brazil in his area, holding several face-to-face events every year in order to train people to be their best versions.

Events like Wide Awake and Profession Coach Live are widely known and you can do any of them during the seasons available.

What do I mean by all of this? Simple, the coaching tools they are closely linked to each process, so everyone needs to know and understand their real purpose for existence.

Having that clearly defined your achievements will naturally be attracted to you. Hugs!

Excel Spreadsheets



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