How Spreadsheets Help in Your Social Media Strategies

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The lives of those who work with social media can sometimes be more complex than it looks. Whether the work done by a social media analyst, or even by the entrepreneur himself, managing channels on social networks is an activity that demands more than creativity and good writing. In addition to these, strategic thinking, analytical reasoning and organization are also key to effective work in networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When talking about developing strategies for social media these points are even more evident. More than thinking the strategy, it is also necessary to organize it. In this sense, knowing how to work with spreadsheets can help organize the actions, since they are very versatile tools that allow multiple uses. So, to make your life easier, we've come up with some tips to show you how worksheets can help you work with your social media strategies.

Discover como spreadsheets can help you design your social media strategies

How Spreadsheets Help Your Social Media Strategies 1

1) Organization

As we said at the beginning, the organization of actions is one of the fundamental points. For this part we can divide the work into two different worksheets: time checklist dedicated to activities, and control of the content to be posted. In the first the main goal is to keep a check on each of the activities that need to be done every day. This activity control can be done with all channels together, or separated by channels. Some examples:

  • Write posts;
  • Select images;
  • Publish content;
  • Make contact with other influencers;
  • Evaluate publication results.

The second worksheet serves to ensure the best distribution of content over the days of the month. In it there are spaces to fill with the content of the post, the name of the image that will be published together, and lastly a field to be filled with the respective link. This all for each day of the week or month, depending on the periodicity you prefer to work. And without forgetting that this needs to be done for each social network worked. With it, it is much easier to visualize the content during the week, besides allowing a macro look on the chosen strategy for each social network.

2) Control and planning

How Spreadsheets Help Your Social Media Strategies 2

Another important point that can be best executed with spreadsheets is the planning and control of the initiatives. For planning, in addition to the organization-related options mentioned above, we must not forget the paid media. For her there is the media planning worksheet. There is general information, such as total budget, and advertiser data, as well as a separation of different channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). For each channel, different amounts can be divided by the month, or by day. With this division it is simple to keep track of the budget invested, and more than that, it is possible to control the funds to avoid unnecessary spending.

3) Monitoring and integration

It's no use making excellent content, organizing time and activities, planning media investment, if you do not monitor the results of what you're doing. For this work, a simple monitoring worksheet can be a solution. In it, one organization per week allows to control the main metrics and their correspondents in each social network: shares, comments, tanned. With it you will be able to monitor the work and still monitor its evolution in each channel.

Each of these worksheets can be used in different files, however if you want to optimize your work it is possible to gather each of them in different tabs of the same file. These are just a few ways to use spreadsheets to improve your work on social networks. Making your own is an option but be sure to consider buy ready-made spreadsheets, since predefined templates can save you the time of making a spreadsheet unique to your company.

Ready-made files can also be found for other activities related to digital marketing - search engine optimization, paid media, strategies - since organization and control are not just needed for social media.

And you, how can you use the spreadsheets for your social media work? Tell us in the comments section below!

Excel Spreadsheets
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