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groups of project management processes
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Project management is a hotly debated topic today and arouses the interest of various organizations and professionals who seek to improve the results efficiently. One of the main challenges is to implement the application of theoretical processes to the reality of organizations, in a fast and changing environment. In this article we will cover the 5 Project Management Process Groups.

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Remembering that, a project is a plan with a directed effort, within a predefined period of time and with limited resources, that aims to deliver a product, service or process.

One of the main difficulties in the project management is to have clarity in defining objectives, minimize changes in scope, and execute on schedule with available budget.

Let's talk objectively and practically of 5 basic processes for project management, according to the PMBOK, which are:

The 5 project management process groups


"Initiation is the most important group of processes [...]. Good initiation allows you to deal with many problems later "

We can call it the birth certificate of the project. At this stage the purpose of the project is designed. From the initiation it is possible to delimit the objectives and expectations of the interested parties.

What contemplates this stage:

  • Elaboration of the project launch date
  • Identification of stakeholders


"The planning process group includes all processes used in project management to create a plan to manage the project"

Project phase in which the scope, schedule, costs, quality aspects, risk identification and main guidelines for the management of the project as a whole are detailed.

What contemplates this stage:

  • Scope definition
  • Structuring the schedule
  • Cost Planning
  • Identification of risks
  • Analysis of procurement needs
  • Establish the premises of quality management
  • Survey of required resources
  • Elaboration of the project management plan


"The group of execution processes transforms the theoretical plane into something concrete"

Time to put what was planned in practice. The execution stage requires the focus of the specialists in the deliveries of the project to achieve the activities and fulfillment of the deliveries with attention in the planned scope.

What contemplates this stage:

  • Management and development of the project team
  • Acquisition of resources
  • Managing the steps and activities
  • Quality management
  • Project knowledge management

Get to know the 5 project management process groups

Monitoring and control

"It is the feedback mechanism that compares project performance during the execution process with the project plan"

The monitoring process should be carried out taking into account the observance of the project scope, team work, expected deliveries, schedule and expected resources. One of the major challenges of project management is to execute the project scope as planned.

What contemplates this stage:

  • Scope control
  • Risk analysis and correction actions
  • Change management
  • Schedule control
  • Monitoring of communications
  • Resource management and procurement

Excel Project Management Worksheet


"Project closure is the formal finalization of project deliveries and their transfer to third parties, such as customers or recipients of products or services, termination of project team activities, and closure of lessons learned or experiences gained from the project"

Little is said about the process of closing projects. It is a time that allows a general evaluation of project execution and identification of opportunities for improvement in the organization's project management processes. Understand to evaluate the planned relationship x performed x deliveries.

What contemplates this stage:

  • Compilation of planned deliveries
  • Consolidation of project documentation
  • Analysis of lessons learned

Tip on project management:

To complete…

Using 5 processes as a guide in project management is not the perfect formula that will ensure success in any project execution. However, following these steps in a systematic and methodical way will enable risk prevention and anticipation of problems that may impact quality and deliveries.

In the next articles we will cover the main activities of each group of processes that are:

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management
  • People management
  • Communication management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement Management

By Andréia Lopes, columnist of the LUZ Blog

Excel Project Management Worksheet

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