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The strategy of a business is its essence. It's like that old saying goes, if you don't know where to go, any path will do. In this context of searching for a competitive strategy that differentiates the business as a whole, many companies have sought in strategic consulting a solid path of development.

Basically, strategic consulting consists of understanding the reality of a company and formulating a plan and strategies that aim to improve its performance and performance. To get this result, there are 5 worksheets that can help organize this path:

Step 1. Business Diagnostics Worksheet

The diagnosis is the initial step of any strategic consulting, because it is through it that you will arrive at important answers about the degree of maturity in which the company is. For this, it is important to know how to ask the right questions for the main areas of the company. In our Business Diagnostics Worksheet we separate the questions we consider most relevant to any business:

Organizational Diagnosis - Questions

With the diagnosis answers, it is already possible to have a visualization of the current score for each one of the areas of the business, to define a desired score and the urgency, in terms of importance, to achieve the desired result. It is the consultant's role to investigate these notes and what are the key points of improvement.

Organizational Assessment - Performance Evaluation

From this point, the business diagnostic worksheet will provide the strategy consultant with the overall level of business maturity and performance (from 0 to 100%) in each of the 5 large areas.

Organizational Diagnosis - Degree of Maturity

What to do with this information?

  • Separate areas where the company is performing poorly
  • Separate areas where the company is performing well
  • Analyze which were the answers that generated bad score
  • Analyze which were the answers that generated positive score
  • From what is bad, defining what is a priority to improve
  • From what is good, define what can be even better and differential
  • Cross information with SWOT Analysis

See that it is not necessary to define priorities for resolution of anything yet, because the business diagnosis is only the first step of a strategic consulting, that is, it serves to show the reality in which the company is, but without proper execution.

Step 2. SWOT Analysis Worksheet

The SWOT analysis is another excellent 100% tool complementary to the diagnosis and must be put into practice by means of a SWOT Analysis Worksheet along with that first step. With it, strategic consulting becomes more complete and adds even more internal and external information to the company.

swot analysis

From the SWOT matrix results, the consultant can see the score for each of the large 4 SWOT areas as well as a radar chart.

SWOT Analysis - spreadsheet - strategic consulting

Lastly, one result that usually enchants the clients of a strategic consultancy is the indication of the favorable rate of the business, which can vary from very unfavorable to very favorable. All this data already appears automatically in the SWOT Analysis Worksheet after you fill in the first fields.

Swot analysis - favorability index - strategic consulting

What to do with this information?

  • Crossing the SWOT array
  • Understand which forces influence what opportunities and threats
  • Understand which weaknesses influence which opportunities and threats
  • Separate most relevant items
  • Gather data and compare with diagnosis
  • Create action plans for the forces and opportunities
  • Create contingency plans for weaknesses and threats
  • Begin your strategic planning

Step 3. Strategic Planning Worksheet

Having the information and knowledge of the reality of the company, we have reached the third step of our strategic consulting, which involves the use of strategic planning worksheet. This is the time to outline the most important strategies, based on the results obtained so far in the first 2 spreadsheets.

In this sense, the first step is to define the main objectives and indicators:

OKR - Strategic Planning - Objectives

With the objectives and goals of the strategic planning defined, it is worth choosing the main ones (I usually indicate to focus on only 3 goals per area). After that, simply plan related results for the year or months ahead (depending on how you organize your strategies).

OKR - Strategic Planning - Key results

This is already the part where you put strategic consulting and planning in place.

What to do with this information?

  • Put the planning into practice by means of actions
  • Use the action plan control sheet for this
  • Monitor the results achieved
  • Trace changes when needed

Step 4. Action Plan Worksheet 5W2H

Finally, with the strategies outlined, it is the moment to follow the execution of what was planned. I always recommend the 5w2h method, as I consider it organized, simple and objective.

Quality Tools - 5w2h in Excel

See that the 5w2h Action Plan Worksheet already has the structure set up for you to add the actions that need to be performed.

Action Plan Worksheet 5W2H - Strategic Consulting

And it also has a space to follow the action plans so that your strategic advice does not go out of the way.

5w2h action plan - strategic consulting

What to do with this information?

  • Ensure that actions are being performed
  • Reschedule items that did not work out as planned
  • Restart from 1 step every planning cycle (which can be 1 more than 1 year)

Step 5. Integrated Worksheet of Strategy

If your demand within a strategic consulting involves only one or some of the steps, but not all, I recommend that you use the worksheets individually, but if you need to go through all the steps, I believe the best way is to use the integrated strategy sheet, which is complete and integrates the 4 spreadsheets described above and still has space for some extra analysis like value curve, BCG matrix and 5 Porter forces:

Integrated Worksheet for Strategy - Strategic Consulting

Because the worksheet is fully organized and practical to use, it is practically a strategic consulting, that is, you can use it both if you are a consultant and if you are a manager wanting to solve this area of ​​your business. And the cool thing is that after filling in, the spreadsheet already gives you a lot of information and insights automatically. Look:

Integrated Worksheet for Strategy - 2 strategic consulting

How do you do your Strategic Consulting?

If you are a strategic consultant, tell us what are the steps you use in your consultancy here in the comments. Does it differ from what I have listed? And if you're a manager, tell whether you've had or want to have an experience hiring consultants.

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