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It is no longer a secret for anyone in the field like content marketing has become important in recent years. In fact, its popularity has been growing for decades, but how many people really dominate the subject?

Also known as content marketing (term in English), in fact this modality has existed for longer than you think. It was already practiced before the internet, when a company dispatched a newsletter printed for any customer.

It could be a magazine, a catalog or something, in order to make the customer engage in the contents of that brand.

Indeed, this remains the essence of any content marketing, whether it is aimed at major multinational brands, or for local businesses as a cleaning outsourcing company SP.

But it is also necessary to recognize that the internet has brought a real revolution for this type of marketing, especially after the spread of major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Certainly, these platforms have already become one of the largest showcases in the world. Therefore, any brand that wants to create original and relevant content, in order to generate leads and opportunities, will need to be present in them.

Recalling that research is of all kinds. They can range from looking for indispensable and even urgent services like tax consulting, including searching for places to eat, even academic and school work.

Therefore, we decided to write this article, bringing some essential concepts for understanding the subject, as well as practical tips that nobody can fail to take into account if they want to grow in the short, medium and long term.

So, if you want to make a difference and change your digital baseline strategies, confirming how content marketing can boost your website and business, just read on.

What is content marketing?

It is not possible to speak of content marketing not to mention the new Generations Y and Z, who are the people born from the 1980s and 2000s here, according to a sociological approach that has been increasingly studied.

As these people had much more access to information technology, the internet and information as a whole, they are more connected and demanding than older people.

So, when they go to research or quote something about store software, they do not want to find companies that simply use a commercial discourse, exploring the alleged advantages of the brand and promotions based on prices and terms.

All of this still exists and can bring good results, but more and more the public wants to "talk" with the brand, which is exactly where the content comes in. 

Today a company can dispose of the following materials:

  • Blogs posts;
  • Social network posts;
  • Videos and vlogs;
  • Newsletters;
  • E-books and Infographics;
  • Audiobooks;
  • Podcasts;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Checklists;
  • Among others.

A classic example are articles like: “10 tips on how to make an excellent behavioral profile assessment”. That's where content marketing comes in, and where visitors are most engaged.

This strategy is called "passive prospecting", and is often associated with inbound marketing. The most important thing is that the contents generated are really original (there is no point in copying the text from other portals).

Remembering that they also need to be relevant to your target audience, according to all the other tips that we will give below.

Inside your target audience

From what has been said above, it is already possible to deduce how important it is that content marketing is done based on the target audience of each segment or market niche.

After all, how to generate content for a blog custom t-shirt factory without taking into account the interests of buyers of this type of solution? In fact, the content marketing it is precisely about thinking with the head of the future customer.

This is a point that many people forget to take into account, and that is why they are unable to obtain really solid results. As much as you understand your product, and even your audience, you must always study, and evolve.

For example, today the concept of target audience has been deepened, and you should focus on the profiles of your persona. That is, you need to create two or three semi-skilled profiles, and go far beyond superficial traits about your leads.

How to define the persona profiles?

If before it was enough to answer general questions about his leads, such as the region where he lives, his purchasing power, age and gender, today it is necessary to go deeper.

Thus, the questions that can help with this are the following:

  • Where is my client located?
  • How does he dress and what does he do in his spare time?
  • How does it consume news and novelties?
  • What places does he go to most?
  • Which social networks does he access the most?
  • What does he love for a brand to do for him?
  • What does he hate that happens in negotiation?

After creating these two or three profiles, the best thing is to name them and even use photos of real people.

Thus, whenever a uniforms company or any other business to create content marketing campaigns and actions, will be focused on the persona, which will make the process much more assertive.

This is also where questions such as language to be applied, whether it will be more formal or more informal, come in. In some cases, such as when working with young people, it can be something totally cool, and so on.

The power of digital presence

We have already seen what formats the creation of materials can take, ranging from blog posts to podcasts and the other multimedia content that we see today.

A golden tip is to take into account that if you don't do the content marketing it is already being late in the market, the time when it was enough to have a blog on the air is gone.

Today it is necessary to be present on social networks and vary in the practiced formats, as well as to dominate the search engines, which we will mention below again.

Thus, some blogs already have great articles written (in a traditional way), and along with the audio option, for the person to hear the content while doing other things.

A nice tip is to start everything with the blog post. Then, when you have more confidence, the same articles that did well can become the basis for other formats.

This goes from an e-book, which brings the ten best posts on the site, for example, to posts on the internet, which are usually much smaller and may arise from previously published articles.

How to maintain constancy?

Another fundamental point that many people miss is the issue of the process, the administration of content marketing and the necessary discipline.

It is true that generating content is, most of the time, writing about what you like most. So, a blog of concierge service in condominium it will be developed and powered by someone who knows the area very well.

However, anyone who thinks that this is equivalent to “writing when you feel like it” is wrong. The reality is far from that, as your audience will get used to relying on your content, and you will need to make a commitment to them.

The best way to do this is to establish an editorial agenda, defining agendas that are advanced in weeks or months from the current date.

To define, at the last minute, what will be posted tomorrow, is a bad way. In addition to organization, the quality of the content generated improves when you work with that time gap.

Thus, when working with an editorial agenda, it is possible to invest in:

  • Meetings with the team;
  • Definition of guidelines for the future;
  • Adjustments of persona profiles;
  • Market research;
  • Type A / B tests;
  • Review of contents;
  • Best SEO strategy;
  • Among other fronts.

In other words, the secret to constancy is not only to “always write”, but to write with method, extracting the best from each member of the team, or from yourself.

Bonus: SEO and final considerations

Today it would be impossible to talk about content marketing without talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is optimization for the search engines mentioned above.

What platforms like Google want to ensure is that only the best content is ranked well. So, to appear on the first pages, you need to comply with several pre-established algorithms.

The cool thing is that their essence is what we discussed above: original and relevant materials for the public. So when you search for something like company closure, only the best content appears first.

Over time, in addition to being original and relevant, you can trim edges and meet more and more parameters (there are hundreds of them), to start competing with the best.

All of this makes it clear that the important thing about content marketing is to think not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. With the tips we gave above, you can work on all of this at the same time.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content about various segments.

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