Contract Management: how to do control and follow-up

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The overwhelming majority of private companies, institutions and organizations are providers of some type of service which, in turn, are defined and controlled through contracts of various types.

As business revenue depends on the completion and, most of the time, contract renewal, it is essential to have all the information about each of them in hand to be able to analyze and make good decisions.

We have developed a control and contract tracking worksheet with that purpose and I will demonstrate how it works and can help you below.

1. Registration of Customers, Sellers and Types of Contracts

In all contract negotiations you have these 3 parts: contractor (customer), contract (seller) and agreement (contract). The basics of the basics is to always know who these 3s are in each situation. Therefore, the beginning of this worksheet is the registration of each of the parties.

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2. Record of Contracts

Using the customer database, vendors, and contract types previously registered, you must record each agreement individually. This will be the basis of all your control, analysis and decision making.

At this point, you are already starting to gain time because it will not record all the information of a contract, but rather the most relevant ones such as duration, date of signature, value and expiration!

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In that section of the spreadsheet you start earning time. Instead of searching hundreds of contract pages to find out where each one is, you can review the most important information from each contract individually by selecting from a menu.

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4. Overview

In addition to all the practicality of finding the contract quickly with the necessary information, the spreadsheet also has an overview that allows you to make decisions also looking at the general situation of your contracts.

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5. Report for Printing

If you wanted to review the reports in print or send / submit to others in the company, the spreadsheet already automatically compiles all the graphs and results ready for printing!

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6. Indicators panel

Finally, you can analyze visual graphics about your current situation.

contract management - charts

If you are interested, know the Contract Management Worksheet.

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Dear Good Afternoon, I already bought the contract management spreadsheet, however, I would like to rename just a few fields. Because it is a public agency, there is no need to have the seller field and must be replaced by a plaintiff, and instead of a customer replace by a supplier.

  2. Hi Sett, is everything okay? Let's do it by steps:

    1 - The days to expiration field will work whenever the due date is greater than the current date, ie when the contract is still in effect. If the status field marks the contract expired, this field is left blank.

    2 - The effective date is an informational field and does not alter formulas directly, but appears on the Contract Analysis tab so you know exactly when you signed and when the contract began to be implemented in practice.

    3 - The demo worksheet may show a reduction of one or other functionality that will be 100% functional in the unlocked version when you make the purchase.

    Any other doubt follows the provision

  3. Hello, I downloaded the DEMO version and was very pleased, but before buying, I would like to have a doubt. In the "signature date" field, it only affects the "Contract duration" field, the "Days to expiration" field is intact, so I was wondering if when I change the "Signature date" field, the field "days for expiration ", I should also automatically change the" Days to expiration "field, I was also in doubt about the" Date of beginning of validity "field, it does not interfere with anything.


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