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This post is dedicated to lovers of digital marketing. Especially to people who care about SEO, but who have never become so familiar with this topic and need a helping hand to better understand the subject and find out what to do. I have good news and a bad news, which one do you want to hear first?



In addition, there are more good news: there are tools (two in particular) that will give you all the tips on how to get it right and make your site 100 optimized for Google's search engines, let's get to know them?


1. Hubspot Marketing Grader

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Hubspot's Marketing Grader is a free tool that analyzes your website and provides insights to improve your marketing, especially when it comes to SEO. Basically you can view reports that show how your company is in terms of access, conversion and control strategies that favor SEO and your marketing. To obtain your marketing degree, simply enter the website and add the url of your site!


2. Open Site Explorer


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The second, which is equally legal is the Open Site Explorer. This is a search engine for SEOmoz links. With it you can conduct searches of your website, explore backlinks, anchor texts, keywords. Best of all, this one is also for free. Some more advanced features require payment, but nothing out of this world too, if you are in an advanced stage of your company it is worth investing to see how you are in relation to some items ...


And the bad news?


Well, to make the improvements you need to get your hands on the dough and usually this will give you a great operational work. But if you are persevering and make the necessary changes on a daily basis, you are likely to get the results.

Another thing worth knowing is that these long-awaited results related to SEO are not going to happen overnight, it is the kind of activity that your entire company needs to know and go making day and day improvements also so that with time, some important indicators like your page rank and page authority are growing and your site gaining more relevance

Liked? Want to know more about digital marketing? So leave a suggestion here for the next few weeks about what you would like me to say more ...

Excel Spreadsheets


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