Easily Control Voucher Distribution to Employees

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What are employee vouchers: Vale can be what the employee receives in advance salary (40% of the gross amount of the salary), or also a benefit that the company offers.

Why Control Distribution: The amounts of benefits offered by the company are likely to be deducted in full from the employee's salary at the end of the month. A voucher can also be a transportation voucher, which, by law, deducts only 6% of the employee's salary. Therefore, it is easier to gather all the coupons in one spreadsheet to save time, energy and keep track.

The distribution of vouchers and the management of the company

Taking care of all the numbers of a company can be a real nightmare when you are not prepared. But by using planning and adding a bit of method to business management, the task becomes quite simple.

A good example is these employee vouchers. Probably there will be value variables both among employees and in voucher types, and those who are not prepared can panic. But calm down. You can gather all the information in a single worksheet and analyze the entire cost in simplified charts.


Our spreadsheet template allows you to include various vouchers, such as transportation, food, meal, pharmacy, down payment, fuel and toll. There are two pages to view:

  • Graphics, for cost analysis in general;
  • The voucher control, where you can enter each of the data in a simple way.

You only have to enter the name of each of the company's employees and enter the amount paid / spent in advance in each column.

To view the "Charts and Overview" worksheet, simply fill out the voucher control sheet first. In it, in addition to name, voucher and value, the variables to be filled are: month of beginning of the voucher, final month, the installment, the amount of the installment, the balance paid and the balance due.



The system is intuitive and simple, since the spreadsheet comes ready and the values ​​add up independently. For example, if you paid a partial amount, the debit balance appears automatically. The general control worksheet also has a chart of expenses by type of voucher (useful when there are several employees) and the balance in advances.

Excel Spreadsheets


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