Ebook: SWOT Analysis Quick Guide

SWOT analysis quick guide ebook
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It does not matter if you have a micro-company or one that works in a gigantic multinational, understanding your reality and where you are inserted is essential to defining the strategic directions you should take. In this sense, SWOT Analysis is the most important tool to support strategic planning, since it enables a complete business analysis of both internal and external factors and how they relate.

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Have you heard that saying, "Who does not know where to go, any way?" So understanding your reality is the first step in setting your goals, future, and what you want. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you Learn how to do a SWOT Analysis from start to finish.

Learn how to do a complete SWOT Analysis!

(Find out everything you need about SWOT Analysis and how to use it in your planning - just click on the image below)


Check out the main topics covered in the Ebook:

  • Initial SWOT Analysis Details
  • Dynamics of filling
  • In-depth explanation of the method: SWOT Analysis (Internal Factors, External Factors and SWOT Matrix)
  • Action Plans and Contingency Plans
  • Practical case with real results, graphs and indicators

Want a preview of the Ebook?

To give a taste of what is to come you can see our cover and I separated it for a special reason. It has a message that you should internalize in your area, company or even for you: SWOT is the best preparation tool for strategic planning. Score.

Ebook: 1 SWOT Analysis Quick Guide

Throughout the ebook, we also show some of the main indicators that you should be aware of, such as your company's favorability index (in the image below is 44%) and the business phase your organization is in.

practical case results - SWOT analysis

Do not waste time, download now!

SWOT analysis quick guide ebook

Excel Spreadsheets



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