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Make strategic planning is the process of analyzing, discussing the reality of a company, and evaluating the opportunities based on its current situation. It can also be said that strategic planning provides the opportunity to discuss, review and develop goals, goals and indicators of the organization.

Although there is no rule that defines the ideal format for how to do strategic planning, some steps are necessary and are always present regardless of the methodology you adopt. That is why in this quick guide we will focus much more on explaining and exemplifying the 3 steps that we consider to be more important, than on talking about a ready formula that should work anyway (even because it does not exist).

The Essence of Strategic Planning

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Get to know the 4 essential steps for any Strategic Planning!

I know there are a lot of people who say they understand everything from Strategic planning, that it has to be so or roasted. I do not really believe in people who think they are too smart, because the biggest problem with these totally pre-defined approaches is that each company faces a different reality and always adopting the same process is not practical and will not always work.

That is why we have adopted general steps in LUZ 4. Inside the ebook you will see all the content of these 4 steps:

  1. Positioning and Purpose
  2. Establishment of Goals and Indicators
  3. Presentation to the Team
  4. Execution and Control

This path will help you guide your strategic planningregardless of the choices you make. We also approach complementary methods to the EP such as Porter Forces, of Borges, SWOT e Matrix BCG.

See some pages of the Ebook

1 - Application example of SWOT Analysis, one of the complementary methods to the strategic planning that we approach in the Ebook

Screenshot 2014 12-to-09 17.10.47

2 - Example of target tracking of the Strategic Planning Worksheet and explanation of SMART goals

Screenshot 2014 12-to-09 17.19.20

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See also our Strategic Planning Worksheet!

Strategic Planning Worksheet

Excel Spreadsheets


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